Stefan Katanic
December 1, 2021

Winners & Losers in business: Which One are You?

In life and business, there are winners and losers. 

And many people have different views of what makes a business a winning one vs a losing one, and it’s ok.

Here is my view on what makes a winning business in 2020.

Whether your business is a start-up who is changing the world or solid businesses which is hitting a plateau in new revenue.

All businesses come down to one thing, that’s cash flow and profits. As Mark Cuban says “Sales Cures All”, but many of you are wondering how to create more sales and get more volume?

More Sales
We all want more sales, right?


All the smartest entrepreneurs and business owners that I know and have worked with understanding that the art of branding your company in a way that resonates with your buyers is the key. 

It’s how your start-up or company is going to wedge itself into the market to be relevant in today’s digital age.

Branding speaks volumes, it does the communicating for your business at scale. 

When someone visits your website, everything from the design of your site, the big bold headers, images, and videos you present are all bridges that connect your product/service to the buyer. 

Be careful not to box yourself in. You want to be expressive and not restricted to judge by peers or clients. 

Unique Branding
Don't let fear of judgement influence your branding: Be unique!


Let's assume your business is earning $30,000 in revenue. 

You have one salesperson, a website, good branding and maybe you’re at different events in your industry. And you might be wondering how to scale up your sales? 

This is when content that is strategically created and distributed on your digital channels such as your website and social media comes into play. 

Imagine that the content your businesses creates is a digital salesperson, and everyone who views that piece of content is a prospect. 

You’d want to give off the perspective and impression of a leader, and someone who knows what they’re talking about. It helps you build trust, authority and the know-how of what your prospect is looking for. 

One tip when creating content for your business is to follow your brand guidelines, speak how your customers speak, give value at every step of the way, and ultimately give them confidence by reading your content, that they’re “in-the-know, now”. 

Smart Content
Make 'em feel smart


There are 19-year-olds right now earning more money from their mom’s basement then you at your fancy WeWork office. Why? They figured out this whole social media “thing”. 

It’s not complicated, and you may think it's hard, and you’re probably right. The hardest part is STAYING CONSISTENT and giving value. 

Social Media is the medium of information exchange, can your content compete? Is your brand identity present on your social media channels? Do you speak like your customers? 

Social media marketing, when done right, will amplify your company and yield you returns that will make you think to question why you didn’t do this earlier?

Everything we just talked about all comes together in a growth marketing strategy that needs to encompass all of the above. 

Because when you combine a strong brand position that wedges you in to your buyer market and when you have content that communicates to people that you indeed are seen as the hero to their problem. 

Both of those coupled with a social media strategy will amplify your digital brand. 

Then you will get businesses and people to WANT to pay for your service or product. Without you having to rely on old and tried ways.

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