Skyrocket Your Email Impact: How Skysnag & Veza Digital Are Revolutionizing Email Marketing

Boost your email marketing with Skysnag! Partnered with Veza Digital, we offer verified badges, top inbox placement, & enhanced security. Elevate your email marketing game

May 17, 2024
3 min

Skysnag is a SaaS helping growing businesses increase ROI on email marketing campaigns, increase brand presence with verified email badges and 99.99% email deliverability using their proprietary AI-powered SPF technology that authenticates every email right before you click send. Veza Digital has recently signed a partnership to implement Skysnag for it’s portfolio companies. As we aim to go beyond for our clients, email is one major channel.

Skysnag provides:

  • Email security: Stopping impersonators and prevent getting on blacklists
  • Email deliverability: Land your emails at the top of inboxes, every time and get a positive ROI on email marketing
  • Have you logo on every email you send: Get your logo and a blue checkmark on every email your recipient receives from you.
  • Validate and verify: Ensure your customer email lists are always updated to prevent email bounces and failures.

Clients can expect:

  • On average 45%+ increase in open rates
  • 99% increase in email authentication rates
  • 34% increase in purchase intent
  • 20% increase in email reply rates
“We built Veza Digital in the early days with outbound marketing, it was tough I wish we had a tool like this when we started. Good thing a lot of companies now can learn from our mistakes and use these modern marketing tools.”

Stefan Katanic, Founder & CEO of Veza Digital.


Stefan Katanic
Founder & CEO

Stefan Katanic is the driving force behind Veza Digital. Under his leadership, the company has transformed into a global Webflow Enterprise Agency, recognized for its trustworthiness as a marketing partner with a portfolio exceeding $8 billion in value. Stefan is actively involved in fostering the continuous growth and proficiency of his team, ensuring they consistently deliver impactful results for Veza's clientele.

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