We are Veza Digital

Veza Digital has set the Global Standard for marketing B2B companies through creating performance marketing websites, and driving results through demand generation and demand capturing.

Essentially, we turn marketing websites into profit-centers.


Founded in
New York

Our Story

The Mission

At Veza Digital, our mission is to help global brands transform into modern tech companies. We do this through intuitive user designs, tactful marketing campaigns, and expert digital advice. Our focus is not just on delivering services, but on empowering businesses to scale their operations and achieve their digital marketing goals.

Our Growth and Evolution

What started as a marketing agency specializing in web design, development, and digital advertising, quickly grew into a multifaceted digital powerhouse. Our commitment to innovation led us to expand into specialized areas like search engine optimization, graphic design, and marketing consulting. Recognizing the gaps in the market, we ventured into launching internal projects like Managed Hosting Services for Webflow Enterprise clients, White-label marketing services and expansion into the GCC region to further diversifying our expertise.

Our Approach

At the heart of Veza Digital lies a philosophy of partnership and collaboration. We believe in working alongside our clients as strategic partners, understanding their unique challenges and tailoring our solutions to meet their specific needs. This approach has not only endeared us to our clients but has also been instrumental in our growth.

Our People

Our team is our greatest asset. A blend of creative minds, tech wizards, and strategic thinkers, the Veza Digital team embodies the spirit of innovation and excellence. Each member brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective, contributing to our vibrant and dynamic work culture.

Looking Ahead

As we look to the future, Veza Digital is poised for unprecedented growth. Our goal is to not just lead but redefine the B2B marketing space. We are constantly exploring new frontiers, expanding our reach, and embracing new challenges. With a commitment to quality, a passion for innovation, and a relentless focus on client success, we are excited about the endless possibilities that the future holds.

Meet some of the people that make it possible.

Adaptable team with a big heart and tunnel vision.

Here at Veza Digital, our success as a B2B marketing agency comes from our ability to think out side of the box. Each member of our team brings grit, hard work and talent to every job to ensure that we amplify the results we're working towards delivering. We believe in showing up everyday and winning.

Jeff Luery

Director of Sales

Stefan Katanic

Founder & CEO

Jamal Haymour

Growth Partner

Marko Milutinović

General Manager

Mario Milanovic

Strategy, branding and marketing advisor

David Prodanovic

Design Director

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