Unlocking Success: Veza Digital and Webflow Join Forces

Discover the Future of Web Design: Veza Digital and Webflow's Powerful Partnership. New Enterprise Features,Unleash the Full Potential of Your Website

May 17, 2024
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Veza Digital Partners with Webflow To Sell Enterprise Hosting Packages For Fast Growing Scale-Ups.

Veza Digital proudly announces its honored recognition as a Webflow Enterprise Partner, a monumental achievement in the company's journey. 

This partnership underscores Veza Digital's unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled marketing websites and services to its valued clients, supercharged by Webflow's cutting-edge Enterprise solutions.

As an official Webflow Enterprise Partner, Veza Digital now boasts the capability to offer, implement, and manage Webflow Enterprise Services for its fast-growing start-up clientele. 

This designation is a testament to the company's unrelenting dedication to elevating the digital marketing landscape to new heights.

Webflow Enterprise recently introduced a groundbreaking array of features set to revolutionize the Webflow platform. 

At the Webflow conference in San Francisco on October 5, a series of thrilling, game-changing features were unveiled, each poised to propel the capabilities of this beloved web design platform.

Here are the six new pivotal features from Webflow Enterprise:


Webflow's latest feature, localization, empowers users to craft multilingual websites with a single click, entirely devoid of coding. This remarkable capability allows for fully customized designs with SEO optimization, all while delivering a unique, native-language website experience. For global enterprises, this feature unlocks unprecedented expansion opportunities.

Spline Native Integration

This feature takes the user experience to the next level by facilitating the incorporation of 3D elements and powerful animations, enriching website aesthetics. The integration of these tools has been streamlined, providing comprehensive support for placement and direct spline scene setup within the Webflow canvas. Users can now wield precise control over objects, cameras, and lighting directly within the Webflow environment.


The introduction of the new variables feature liberates creativity in website design and enables comprehensive branding integration. This practical addition allows users to centralize frequently used elements for easy accessibility in future projects. With variables, users can seamlessly craft design tokens and store typography, colors, and sizes, offering maximum customization for pre-built themes and brand optimization.

Aspect Ratio

The Webflow platform has adopted predefined layouts and ratios for visual elements on websites. The Aspect Ratio feature introduces a revolutionary level of customization, simplifying the design process. Users now have the power to adapt and modify images, videos, and grid layouts with unparalleled ease.

Enhanced Collaboration

Webflow's enhanced collaboration features streamline the website creation process, facilitating seamless communication. This functionality empowers users to leave comments, assign roles to multiple editors, and seamlessly integrate internal feedback, ensuring a seamless and efficient collaborative experience.

Figma to Webflow Plug-In

The updated Figma to Webflow plug-in significantly enhances the Webflow ecosystem. It simplifies the integration of these two influential platforms through the introduction of a companion app. Users can now effortlessly synchronize Figma components and variables directly with their Webflow websites. The addition of the Design System tab provides quick access to Figma projects and real-time connectivity.

Veza Digital is a leading Webflow agency known for delivering comprehensive web solutions that drive business growth. We specialize in creating dynamic marketing websites, implementing digital marketing strategies, and providing robust e-commerce solutions.


Yelena Petic

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