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GoodShip is a company that offers a comprehensive logistics platform that allows companies to easily analyze performance and take quick corrective actions.

With innovative technology that combines data integration and automated processes, GoodShip's urge to have a professional website was a number 1 priority for their future growth.

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Detecting Problems

With pretty straightforward pain points, Veza Digital tackled this project efficiently, cleaning up the website structure, and enhancing its functionality.

But first, we had to detect key problems of their online presence:

  • Website limitations - Relying solely on the landing page, GoodShip’s website was quite limited, preventing users from understanding the essence of their platform truly. With a single landing page, Hubspot tracking was the only analytic capability.
  • Content updates difficulties – GoodShip’s website was built on custom JS code making it nearly impossible for the team to edit or update the content themselves.
  • Animation challenge - In GoodShip’s previous platform we detected an animation challenge. They had a very complex animation in the Hero and Footer section that was nearly impossible to migrate because we could not get access to where the code was previously built.
  • Lack of resources - The existing GoodShip platform didn’t offer a space to add valuable resources like blogs or webinars, which was preventing them from taking an SEO advantage and letting their website grow.
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With the detected challenges of GoodShip’s previous platform, we made a clear plan and strategy, providing a solution that would solve all of their problems.

Our solution included:

  • Platform Migration - We migrated GoodShip’s website to Webflow, allowing them to have a more complex website to support their growth goals. The initial limitation of the single-page website with the lack of information was solved by providing a clear structure with better explanations of the platform.
  • User-friendly CMS - With Webflows user-friendly CMS, GoodShip’s content management was improved for a seamless experience, making the content edits and updates easy.
  • Animation implementation - With the lack of code access, we took the opportunity to create new, more efficient static Lotties, enhancing the overall impression and UX/UI.
  • SEO growth - With a separate section for adding valuable ShipGood resources, we open a possibility for their future SEO growth.
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Website Made For Growth

With the GoodShip project, we have succeeded in meeting the criteria for creating a modern and practical website that is visually appealing and functional for both the GoodShip team and users.

Platform's new design, enriched with captivating Lottie animations, a clear structure, and an information hierarchy, GoodShip got a new standard for its innovation.

With a resource page where they can provide valuable industry insights, they have opened up numerous opportunities for their SEO growth and positioned themselves as an important part of the logistics industry.

"The Veza team were exceptional partners through the entire design and development process. Highly responsive, timely, and communicative they excelled at translating our feedback into a website our team and customers love."

Paige LaNasa, Head of Marketing, Goodship

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