Transforming Trumpet’s digital journey.


Trumpet is an all-in-one platform that enables sales and helps teams close deals more efficiently. 

With a significant presence in the market and strong partnerships with other companies, 

Trumpet boasts excellent reviews on platforms like G2 and Product Hunt. 

Despite its established position, Trumpet recognized the need to revamp its outdated website to better align with its innovative solutions and enhance user experience.

The Trumpet team approached Veza Digital with the aim of revamping their outdated website. 

Despite having some preliminary design ideas, the Trumpet team recognized the importance of seeking expert assistance to enhance their vision and ensure the new website's success.

Veza Digital, known for its expertise in web design and digital marketing solutions, was seen as the perfect partner to collaborate with on this project. 

With a track record of delivering innovative and visually appealing websites, Veza Digital was poised to provide the necessary guidance and expertise to elevate Trumpet's initial design direction.

With Veza Digital's expertise and Trumpet's creative direction, the project was poised for success

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Navigating Challenges with Innovative Solutions

Veza Digital adopted a holistic approach to address Trumpet's needs. 

The project began with comprehensive design enhancements, where David reworked the initial designs provided by the client, resulting in a version that surpassed expectations. 

The updated designs focused on simplicity, better contrast, and improved navigation, while retaining Trumpet's established color palette to maintain brand consistency.

Transitioning into the development phase, Veza Digital implemented the "Client First" development system pioneered by Finsweet. 

This approach prioritizes client satisfaction by utilizing REM units instead of pixels, ensuring enhanced responsiveness and adaptability across devices. 

The development team meticulously reworked all existing pages and introduced new ones to enrich the user experience.

One of the significant challenges was migrating resources from the old website to the new one, including blogs, integrations, and resources totaling approximately 1000 CMS items. 

Veza Digital managed this seamlessly, ensuring a smooth transition without disruptions to Trumpet's operations.

Veza Digital fostered a productive and collaborative relationship with Trumpet throughout the project lifecycle. 

Regular QA sessions allowed for thorough testing and refinement, ensuring that the website met the client's standards. 

Additionally, Veza Digital updated copy, assets, and animations across the site, further enhancing its appeal and functionality.

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Achieving Impact Through Collaboration

The collaboration between Trumpet and Veza Digital revamped Trumpets digital presence that exceeded all expectations. 

The new website boasts a simplified layout, improved navigation, and enhanced responsiveness, offering users a seamless browsing experience. 

By maximizing Trumpet's existing brand elements while incorporating modern design principles, Veza Digital successfully elevated the client's online presence.

The website redesign not only enhances Trumpet's credibility and professionalism but also reinforces its position as a market leader. 

Positive reviews on platforms like G2 and Product Hunt further validate the success of the project.

This collaboration showcases the power of collaboration and expertise in driving digital transformation. 

By understanding the client's unique needs and leveraging industry best practices, Veza Digital delivered a solution that not only meets but exceeds expectations, setting a new standard for excellence in web design, development and digital marketing.

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