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Let's start with a little background of Avasta. Avasta aims to provide its clients with a deeper understanding of their customers, which can be challenging in today's complex business environment. 

By leveraging their expertise and experience, Avasta helps clients uncover their most valuable growth opportunities and provides the insights needed to pursue them. 

The company's ultimate goal is to bring a new level of clarity to the strategic decision-making process and help companies realize their full potential.

Avasta reached out to Veza Digital with a clear objective in mind. They wanted to create a website that would effectively showcase their brand image and product offerings to their target audience and clients.






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Creative Collaboration
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The website was to be designed and developed with the utmost priority placed on speed and animation. 

The objective was to ensure that visitors to the website would have a seamless and engaging experience, while also being able to quickly understand what Avasta and its products are all about.

Both teams worked together toward addressing a number of challenges. One of these challenges was the outdated style, which was no longer appealing to users and was in need of a full redesign. 

Another challenge was the unclear messaging, which made it difficult for users to understand the purpose and benefits of using Avasta. 

This lack of understanding made it challenging for users to fully utilize and take advantage of the services offered by Avasta. 

To overcome these challenges, both teams worked hard to provide clear, concise, and easily understandable messaging, and to update the overall style of the organization to make it more appealing and user-friendly with a high focus on UX.

The Veza team worked diligently to complete the development of a new website for Avasta in under two months. 

The team utilized the Webflow CMS platform in order to streamline the development process and increase their agility while creating new pages and making changes to the site. 

This platform provided the Veza team with the ability to be nimble and responsive to the changing needs of Avasta and its customers. 

The use of Webflow CMS also allowed for quick and efficient updates to be made to the site on a regular basis, ensuring that the site was always up-to-date and providing the most relevant information to visitors. 

This approach not only saved time and resources but also ensured that Avasta's online presence remained dynamic and effective in communicating its brand message and product offerings to its target audience.

Are you ready to take
your website to new heights?

Are you ready to take your website to new heights?
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Built To Grow

Three months have passed since the launch of the Avasta website and the Veza Digital team continues to collaborate and strive towards their goals of further CRO and funnel optimization. 

Veza’s commitment to improving the performance of Avasta remains unwavering. They have been working tirelessly to identify areas for improvement and implement strategies to enhance the user experience and drive conversions. 

The whole team’s dedication and perseverance have been instrumental in driving the success of Avasta thus far, and they show no signs of slowing down in their pursuit of excellence helping to bring Avasta to new heights of success.

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