Why Your Business Needs Marketing Automation

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Yelena Petic
July 26, 2022
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Let’s start off with the basics of what Marketing Automation actually is.

Marketing Automation is a great and useful technology that allows companies and marketing teams to use different platforms and multi-channels to showcase and inform their prospects and clients about their business’s product or service without human error and allows them to run a tight ship.

It also helps to track and maintain data and its flow. Basically things are being run smoothly and to its fullest efficacy using this type of technology which creates consistent outreach to customers and giving them the best experience by funneling your marketing and sales teams harmoniously. 

How will this benefit my business?  

Reduction in staff costs

By replacing the tasks of 5 people you automatically reduce costs of employee wages marketing Automation allows for this by setting up and targeting different leads based on certain customer criteria and be able to nurture these leads throughout the marketing funnel. 

This allows the marketing and sales teams to focus on what needs to be done. 

Your employees are being paid to focus on specific criteria and will more likely reach those goals using automated systems. 

Accountability of your marketing and sales teams

Marketing automation provides a clear view and understanding of what your sales team is doing to capture leads and that information is unbiasedly received between sales and marketing teams, this information is shared and therefore being used to its highest potential between teams to increase sales and revenue.

Everyone has his or her own part to play and work to provide in campaigns and Automation helps to ensure that.  

Cut sales cycles and increase efficiency 

Effectiveness in business is the key. With marketing automation, you’ll have systems in place that give your marketing team a consistent flow of information on leads and data on customer journeys that may suggest innovation to decreased the sales cycle and increase revenues. 

What would it mean for your business if your sales cycle was cut 2x shorter

Your teams will have a constant supply of leads to nurture and build, this allows your business to gain more and more momentum to keep growing.

Target new and potential customers

A phenomenal aspect of Automation is that it allows digital marketers to reach new and potential customers across many different online channels and platforms. 

This opens and exposes your business to a wide array of people.

Depending on what type of channel or platform being used the marketing team will be able to contact and allow your business to have a constant connection with customers through email, social media, text messages and reward programs etc, these a few examples.

By providing a personalized touch this will give your customers a positive experience without any overkill.

Clarity on what works and what does not work

Your CRM data will work with your Marketing Automation system and not only will you be able to see what worked from a previous campaign but also what type of customer it worked for and why it worked for them specifically. 

Your marketing team will have this information constantly on hand and this information can be used to focus on specific customer needs and where to avoid future errors.

These benefits go beyond what you are just reading here, these are all great examples and real reasons to get yourself educated on Marketing Automation and see how it can directly benefit your business.

As any business owner regardless of what product or service your selling you do want the best plan executed to reach all your new and potential customers and with Marketing Automation this can be achieved. 

You will benefit from it and so will your customers. 

Talk to us today about getting your marketing automation up and running!

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