How To Build The Right Team For Your Web development Agency

Build your own Webflow or Web Development Agency and form a strong team that will bring you career success, as well as long-term business stability.

June 13, 2024
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It’s never been more important to have a solid web development team. In the past, one or two people could handle all of the work that needed to be done in this field, but that no longer applies.

These days it takes a strong team of skilled individuals working together as an effective unit.

It may go without saying, but getting these talented folks on board is just half the battle; keeping them there requires effort too! 

The process of hiring new talent into your growing business might seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be if you have the plan to get all the right people around you.

Whatever your agency’s pain points will help you determine what type of team member best suits your business and its needs to grow and expand its operations. 

In this article, we will cover what it takes to build a solid web development or Webflow agency team.

Forming a successful Webflow team - things to look for

There are a few things to consider when you're looking for the best people to be a part of your agency’s team.

One of these factors is how well they'll be able to fit in with the company culture that may already be present.

Another factor will be just what type of skill sets they have and whether they align closely with those needed by your agency. 

If you want to assemble the perfect web design and web development team, first identify your business’s goals. Do you need to acquire more clients? Are you looking for more sales? Do you need better exposure? Do you want to have more offerings for clients?

All these questions will help you choose the best person for your team.

#1 Make sure you hire an Expert

#1 Make sure you hire an Expert

In the over-saturated world of web development, it has become increasingly difficult to find genuine talent. 

While this has created a problem for both agency owners and managers, there are some ways you can avoid common mistakes when hiring someone based on their qualifications. 

For example, try not to hire a "know it all", someone who is “good” at everything in the web development realm, simply put they are not great enough in any one area.

Look instead for specialists who have deep knowledge and experience within their niche, rather than being generalists with surface-level understanding across many digital services or skill sets

Web development is an incredibly fast-paced and constantly changing environment. 

It is unrealistic to think that one person can be fully knowledgeable about all the different parts that make up building sites.

It takes a team of people who are passionate about their niche or specialization for any business and its team to thrive.

#2 Communicate on a higher level

#2 Communicate on a higher level

The saying treasure is often hidden in plain sight can be applied to talented people.

They will not show up without someone searching for them during the interview process, so be prepared to ask questions that matter on many levels with your arsenal of tools!

Asking potential employees where they see themselves five years from now may feel too personal.

The reality is that it's not where one sees themselves professionally in years to come that can tell you a lot about the potential team member.

You can test out someone's level of detail-oriented thinking and analytical skills with offbeat questions that get right to the heart of a person. 

To find candidates who will be valuable to their companies, companies like Amazon ask unique and unusual questions.

It is always a good idea to implement this within your hiring process as well.

#3 Find a perfect fit for your team

It is easy to forget that it takes skill and deep knowledge to be an effective web developer or web designer.

If you're having trouble figuring out what kind of candidate would be the best fit It may not hurt to explore other options like getting some additional training in hiring.

You can even get consulting with professionals in the industry who can help guide you through this decision.

Remember what exactly are the pain points of your agency and see just how potential can provide your Webflow agency and its clients with the solutions they need.

You can always hire a White Label Agency, this can be a great option until you find the right candidate to fill the required role. 

A White Label Agency can take on the work your agency needs to be completed for a client.

This will save you a lot of headaches until you find the right hire.

#4 Organize professional interview

#4 Organize professional interview

Asking for help isn’t about being unconfident or not fit to make an important decision. 

Some of the best Webflow agencies do this to find out if a person is qualified before committing to hiring them.

For example, Google asks senior team members, as well as the candidates for hire, who they think is best for the job so that they are sure everyone is on board with who will be hired.

In the case of hiring someone new, you shouldn't be afraid to explore all your options, seeing people from different perspectives can open your eyes more than you may have thought.

This will help to weed out candidates that don't meet your requirements.

A comprehensive job description is vital in today's economy, where workers place more emphasis on the skills they have. 

This provides potential candidates with an idea of what skills they should possess if they apply.

#5 Offer a flexible work model

#5 Offer flexible work model

Remote workers are usually self-motivated, expertly skilled, and highly organized.

With the increase in remote work and therefore more remote employees, businesses are finding it easier to hire talent from different parts of the world.

Not only will businesses save on overhead costs but also the costs associated with onboarding.

Hiring from afar might seem like an intimidating idea but it could also save you time and money in the long run. 

If you are unsure about hiring a remote worker, consider hiring them on a freelance basis first to ensure their quality of work as well as work ethic.

Web development jobs are usually open internationally which means there will always be plenty of people who live elsewhere vying for those positions as well.

Just apply your hiring practices to every remote candidate.

Final Thoughts

Running a Webflow agency of any kind is high pressure for any agency owner.

Having the right team to run campaigns and provide your clients with high ROI and profitable results is what will add value to your business and its success.

Remember you gotta start somewhere and hiring the right person for the job is what makes or breaks your business.


Stefan Katanic
Founder & CEO

Stefan Katanic is the driving force behind Veza Digital. Under his leadership, the company has transformed into a global Webflow Enterprise Agency, recognized for its trustworthiness as a marketing partner with a portfolio exceeding $8 billion in value. Stefan is actively involved in fostering the continuous growth and proficiency of his team, ensuring they consistently deliver impactful results for Veza's clientele.

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