Jay Matthews
May 12, 2022

7 Tips to Boost Your Website Conversion Rate Using Images

In this competitive world, it's not easy getting people to buy stuff online. Why? For one, the products online are not tangible, and you know customers want first to get the feel of what they are going to buy. Wouldn't you want to try out every dress or shoe first before you make the final purchase?

Plus, the consumers want to explore the product, experience it, and make sure the colors and designs look just the way they seemed on display. And it's not just limited to apparel or shoes. We have all done our fair share of test drives on cars and utilized makeup testers. Right?

Well, the consumers don't want to miss a chance to see if the products they intend to purchase will feel just as great physically as they appear from afar. Of course, the tactic seems feasible, even convenient with physical shops, but what about your eCommerce store or promotional website? How do you give your customers the natural feeling of the products and succeed in increasing your conversion rate?

The answer is simple: By using a ton of relevant images and other visual content. Time and again, pictures have proven to be a benefit for marketing strategies. And utilizing them in total capacity can help your website gain the conversions it requires.

Here, let's have a look at some fantastic tips to boost your website conversion rate using images:

  1. Be Generous With Your Pictures

Use a free hand when choosing images for your website. There is no such thing as too many photos when it comes to showcasing the product you are selling in the digital world. Put high-quality pictures of your product from different angles. If it's a pair of shoes you are selling, show each side clearly. Take a top-view photo as well. A zoomed-in look at the heel wouldn't hurt too, would it? If it's a dress, have a model pose in it in different positions. Have them sit, lean, stand, lie down for the viewers to get a good look. Simply put, let the model play with the dress when you take the shots.

Take as many photos of the products as you can from as many angles as you can think of. It will give the customers a wholesome feel of your product, making them trust what they see.

  1. Let The Customers Zoom in on Your Images

Now that you have covered your products from every possible angle, it will be a great idea to let your customers zoom in on the images. A zoom-in feature is probably the nearest thing to getting a real-life shopping experience on an online store. Let your customers see the intricate details of the gemstones jewelry you are selling. Allow the users to see what the fabric will feel like when they wear it. 

This feature enables potential customers to have a closer look at your products, making the likelihood of conversions stronger. Make sure you have this feature available for both computer and smartphone users.

  1. Use Stock Photos Smartly

With so many image repository websites offering visual content on easy terms and at affordable prices, more and more online businesses are now using stock photos for their websites. There is no denying that these stock websites have got some amazing content. So, it is easy to get carried away by the stock photos frenzy. But you don't want to flood your e-commerce store with too many stock photos, just for the heck of it.

Stock photos are a great way to add appealing and attractive content to your website. But you have to be innovative while purchasing these photos, especially when running an online business. Use stock images only where generic photos are needed or for web design purposes. Stick to original photos when marketing your products.

  1. Consider Using a Mascot

Mascots are becoming a trendy and powerful branding tool these days. Websites are using different mascots to represent their businesses effectively. A mascot, very intelligently, carries your brand's message, engages the audience, and helps leave a lasting impact on the customers' minds. Let's take the example of MailChimp. Freddie, the company's mascot, is a chimpanzee that symbolizes reliability, trustworthiness and getting the job done.

Think of a mascot of your own. Imagine what traits would best represent your business, and then develop a character that could reflect those attributes.

  1. Leverage the Power of Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are a great way to promote your e-commerce business to a vast audience. Use your best, most high-quality images in your Facebook Ads. These Ads will drive a lot of traffic to your website and increase the chances of more conversions.

You could consider making Carousel ads for your store. These ads integrate different visual formats to create highly fascinating content that is bound to get your site's conversion rate reaching for the sky.

  1. Add an Emotional Touch

People are attracted more towards something that they feel a life-like connection with. To give your customers that, you have to empathize with them through your images. How can you do that? First, you have to understand your target audience and what emotions appeal to them the most. Suppose your business is targeting young working women. In that case, you need to instill feelings of strength, confidence, and independence in your pictures. You don't want to sell your product through colorful and cheesy images to such an audience. 

You really have to scratch your head for this and make sure your pictures are not just simple, candid photos of models showcasing your product. Impart in your pictures the qualities and emotions that will attract your target audience.

  1. Add Testimonials

Why do you think mainstream commercials have always worked for the most prominent brands? It's because these commercials show actual people using the products. As humans, we are always looking for that third opinion for corroboration. And where can your customers get it on your website? Through images of your happy consumers.

You can designate some space on your website, preferably on your homepage, for testimonials. There you can add candid and happy pictures of your customers with a couple of sentences, sharing their experience of your product. This will also help create that trust and connect your potential customers to your brand emotionally.


An online store is the best way to put your products out there and sell them without worrying about any additional costs that come with a physical store. While you are saving costs, it is a great idea to invest in great-quality visual content that can let your potential customers trust the authenticity of your products.

These general tips can be helpful for any e-commerce store. However, it is wise to consider your unique business requirements, like your target audience, the nature of your products, your business goals, etc.

Then you can go ahead tailor these tips, finding the best recipe to increase your website conversion rate using images.

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