Stefan Katanic
February 3, 2023

7 Things Every Marketing Agency Owner Should Know

7 Things Every Marketing Agency Owner Should Know

The odds were stacked against us: No network, small team, no processes, and lastly, but most importantly, zero marketing. It was after almost two years that Big Mo came to help us (Big Mo = Big Momentum) and we rode it up to where we are today.

Here are 7 things we did to out dust our competition and scale Veza Digital to $100k per month.

Invest in personal relationships

Wine and dine with your clients, go over the edge of what they would expect from you. This can include sending cards, bottles of wine, or champagne for the pain of running a business or even tickets to their favorite sports team. Understand that network effects take years to build. Connections you make now will be 10x more in five years.

Leverage momentum

When you get a big opportunity run with it and tell the world who you are working with and how you are helping them in their marketing. When sales come in and more money comes in, invest a good portion of it into your marketing, such as advertising or SEO. It’s the morale in your team that will skyrocket performance when they can see the results of their actions.

Recognize that client support is marketing

If a client is complaining about something you did or didn’t do, it’s prime time for you to understand their pain point and double down on it. As an action item from this happening, you should be going hard on the client journey to avoid this from happening again, and in your sales pitch, talk about the benefits of this not happening because you saved a customer (who as a result is more loyal than before) because it did happen and you did fix it.

Scale and experiment

We’ve all heard that adage about ideas being cheap. They’re only cheap if they’re not acted upon. Action on your ideas will generate more results than doing absolutely nothing. Every month you should be coming up with 10 new ideas to implement in your agency. These can be operational experiments, sales/marketing campaigns, or content ideas as an example. If you aren’t scaling, you are failing. If revenue is up by 200% your ad spend/SEO spend better be mirroring that.

Do the unscalable

Make use of your time to get on Zoom calls or Google Meets with clients and partners. Leverage your underdog status and do what bigger agencies can’t - it’s you being unapologetically authentic and as a result, will activate client loyalty.

Create a content division of your agency (Secret Sauce)

Gather as much information about your services and how customers are searching for them on Google. With that, it’s your job to create content around their inquiries on Google Search. You’ll gain credibility as a thought leader and educator who people trust for information related to their problems. You’ll see long-term gains from SEO.

See the screenshot below of Veza Digital’s SEO results ever since we started this.

Prioritize client retention

It costs you less in time, effort, and marketing budget to keep and retain existing clients than it is to find new clients. Treat your top clients like royalty and move your existing lower-earning clients up to the 80/20 rankings. Improve your client touchpoints, onboarding process, and invest in the relationship as mentioned above in the first point.

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