5 Challenges That You Will Face When Starting A Marketing Agency

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Stefan Katanic
July 26, 2022
White Label
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Starting a marketing agency is a rewarding experience, but it is also a very challenging one.

There are many steps to operating a successful marketing strategy, and none of them are easy. From generating new clients, brand and web design to effective SEO strategy, the digital marketing challenges that agencies face can be formidable. Shedding new light on the way business owners think about marketing is the key to growing your business.

You need to make potential clients know that marketing is not an add-on to their business, when in fact, it is the core of their business. Whatever the case may be, there is always at least one area that you can stand to build on. Essentially, there is always room to enhance the numerous elements of your strategy and turn your marketing into an increasingly effective revenue generator. Not all marketing leaders know how to identify and deal with certain challenges. To help, below are 5 challenging issues and how your marketing agency can overcome them.

Table of Contents

  1. Generating Traffic and Leads
  2. Managing Your Website
  3. Hiring and Training Exceptional Talent
  4. Determining Your Marketing ROI
  5. Securing Sufficient Budget

1. Generating Traffic and Leads

This is the number one challenge for marketers. Generating traffic and leads seems to get harder and less attainable as more platforms become available. Many business owners spend all their time focused on social media, posting daily and every week without any kind of return. It can be maddening, especially when it seems to produce for other brands. When it comes to creating content that produces enough traffic and leads, you must take a step back and ask yourself - are you truly creating high-quality content and the type of content people want to see?

“53% of consumers want to see more video from marketers in the future, while only 14% want to see more blog posts.” - HubSpot

Once you know your audience better, you can begin to take the proper actions that truly speak to them, which leads to an increase in traffic and leads. Knowing your buyer persona is key here.

2. Managing Your Website

When done effectively, your website draws in the masses, converts them, and allows you to make sales 24/7. It is no wonder managing websites is one of the biggest hurdles current marketers face. You need your website to attract, nurture, and convert leads.

“In 2020, 63% of marketers are looking to make a website upgrade.” - HubSpot

Issues with website management include a variety of different factors, from website performance and design, from average load time and website security to mobile friendliness and SEO. To deal with this challenge, look for an agency or consultant to guide you through the process. Get feedback from customers on the problems they may be having in certain areas on the site. Check out your competition as well, see what they are doing, improve on it and make it your own.

3. Hiring and Training Exceptional Talent

A weighty problem for a lot of business owners is finding the right people to add on their team. You want superlative talent without breaking the bank. Oftentimes, hiring full-time marketing professionals simply is not achievable - so you end up taking on the bargain bunch. As companies and technologies continue to evolve, training your team will become a greater challenge for marketers. Whether it is training them on digital tools that they will be using everyday or making sure they are reaching their fullest potential. In this case the answer is simple until you can attain the dream team you want for your own agency, work with one. Outsourcing services such as white label will help relieve a lot of the stress until you find, train and can afford your star staff.

"Initially, I contacted freelancers to help with various projects on an ad hoc basis, and didn't provide much guidance." I was constantly frustrated because people couldn't work the way I wanted them to. I overcame the challenge by investing a huge amount of time and effort into developing a training course for new employees and freelancers, teaching them about our company culture and exactly how we expect them to do things." - Stewart Dunlop, Linkbuilder.io, @Linkbuilderio

4. Determining Your Marketing ROI

Tracking and determining your ROI is a particularly hard one. Even if ROI is a significant statistic that shows your campaigns success or progress, tracking the ROI of each and every marketing activity is not always simple, particularly if you do not have communication between both your marketing activities and sales reports.

“Only 53.85% of marketers surveyed say they even measure Customer Acquisition costs.” - HubSpot

There are numerous tools available to help you do just that, from marketing software to CRM solutions. That way, you can directly see how many leads and customers are generated through your marketing activities.

5. Securing Sufficient Budget

Securing a premium budget is always a pressing challenge. And often, getting a more sizable budget is easier said than done -- especially for smaller organizations that aren't working with sizable nor flexible marketing spend. However, cutting your marketing budget can be like a death sentence. Your business can not grow without it. To justify spending money on marketing, you need to show that what you are doing works. Track your ROI and do not shy away from trying new things when the former no longer delivers results. Look to inbound marketing, well-constructed strategies obviously produce results. Inbound marketing also plays a large role in driving higher budgets.

“70% of marketers actively increase budgets with inbound marketing’"- HubSpot

Marketing can be formidable. As a business owner and entrepreneur, you may feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders taking it all on your own. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Even with the oversaturated marketplace, you can reach out and contact people to help grow your business. With the right knowledge and tools you can eventually sit back and watch what you have grown really flourish.

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