White-label social media marketing

Offer your clients organic social media management.

We work as your internal social media team. No more wasting time and money on hiring internally.

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White Label Social Media Marketing
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Who are we?

Your internal team of social media marketing experts.

Meet your new white-label social media agency. We work under your brand on your clients social media marketing. No more making referrals because your agency can't offer social media marketing.

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About Us | White Label Marketing Agency | Veza Digital

Everything your client needs

Every platform. Posting, outreach, and beyond.

We've been offering white-label social media services on every social media platform for over 6 years, including Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, Youtube, and more.

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About Us | White Label Marketing Agency | Veza Digital

White-label social media marketing process

We help your agency with everything you need to grow your client accounts.

Think of our white-label partnership as hiring experts for whatever you need - we can manage the full account, design posts, and everything in between.

Social strategy

Not every platform is right for every business. We will figure out the right channels for your client, and won't waste time on something that won't work.

Account creation

Anyone can set up a social media account, but not everyone can set up an account for success. We will create + optimize your client's account.

Content planning

Everything good starts with a plan. We don't need anything more than a thumbs up to give your client the perfect social content plan.

Post design

Make sure your clients look good on social media with a custom, professional design to each and every post on each and every channel.


Posting keeps followers, but engagement grows followers. We can reach out to your client's target market to lead them to their account.


Show your client the benefits they're receiving from the investment they're making in you and prove to them why your agency rocks.

Constant communication

Never wonder what's happening. Shoot us a message at any time.

We communicate with our white-label partners directly through Slack. No more sending emails and waiting for a response. No more asking for updates - we send those daily.

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About Us | White Label Marketing Agency | Veza Digital


Our success is dependent on one thing - how much we can grow your agency.
Veza Digital has worked diligently to deliver an eCommerce site within five days. Furthermore, the site now ranks high in specific keywords, allowing us to secure a significant amount of sales from our online store. Transparent and communicative, they make it easy to track their progress. I’ve worked with several digital marketing agencies in the past, but after working with Veza Digital, I probably won’t ever work with anyone else.
MHCare Medical
I got what I paid for in terms of the specific outcomes (website, integration, tooling, etc.) but more than that, they've trained me, advised me, helped me see opportunities elsewhere in my business, shared with me how they've built their very impressive team and so on. The full value I've received is great!
Tom Wren Ltd
We did some research and narrowed our list down to a handful of vendors. We chose Veza based on their response time, amount of resources, quality of work we could see, cost, timeline, and 24/7 support. We use a Slack channel for communication, Veza sends a weekly email update and we have a recurring check-in meeting with both teams. I'm continually impressed at the speed and quality of their communication, as well as their ability to handle our questions and requests and professionalism.
Director of Content
The team was great to work with! Communication was always clear and direct and the team was easy to get in touch with. Deliverables were completed on time or earlier, and the team was proactive in all of their communications with us.
Marketing Manager
Our team was growing and we needed additional help with our marketing and building specific campaigns and web pages. The Veza team has been outstanding in stepping up, learning our business and providing solutions that are really moving the needle for us and getting us immediate results.
Their efforts have definitely secured favorable results for us - our campaigns are much more efficient. For example, one of our largest clients has gone from having a ROAS of 1.7x to now having 3.86x. Another client has also sold out their condominium units. Additionally, the event they’ve promoted for us had 7,500 people in attendance even though only 200 RSVP’d. Veza Digital has exceeded our expectations. We’re very satisfied with their work.
Marketing Agency *
* Some partners have requested that we omit their agency name. All reviews are 100% verified through Clutch.

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Become a partner and get started on your client's social media management today!

All we need is some information about your agency and your goals. From there, we will have a discovery call to learn more about exactly how we can help you meet your goals and help your clients.

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About Us | White Label Marketing Agency | Veza Digital

Our clients

Managing delivery for market leading global companies.
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Frequently asked questions

What are white-label social media services?
White Label Social Media Marketing allows you to resell social media services under your brand. This means the product gets your logo, your name, your colors, and your price. It also means you won’t need to develop or maintain the technology, hire a team to run social campaigns for your clients, or waste time patching solutions together.

White Label Social Media services can take many forms, such as content creation for a company's social media pages or even managing posts and branding to make it look like the business is handling it all. Launch your social media campaign with our white label social media agency and show clients their value of a robust online presence.
What is your white-label social media management process?
Following the best Social Media practices, we have developed a methodology that gives businesses the social media advantage. Specific audience and ad targeting data are the fuel of every social media campaign we handle. Our specialists develop white label social media marketing campaigns that target the right audience with the right message.

You have a team working with you. Our team will deliver all the work needed for your White Label Social Media Management. Offering your clients innovative and on-point solutions to manage all of their social profiles to grow their social presence, engage with clients, and generate new leads, all through a platform that's branded and sold as your own
What do we handle for you?
Through our white label social media management technology and our team of content writers and quality controllers, we can manage all of your social media channels on your behalf. From Twitter feeds and Facebook posts to targeted text videos and banner ads, we will ensure that your social media activity hits the right audience at the right time to maximize the potential reach of your client’s target market. Veza Digital is the one-stop-shop solution for every Social Media service your client might need.
What makes us the best white-label social media agency to partner with?
Our agency's social media experts work directly with our white label partners to generate great results and provide a steady revenue stream for their clients, almost as if we are an employee of your agency. We report all performance and notifications directly to you and never communicate with your clients. You would be responsible for maintaining all client relations, and we would do all of the work.

We have consistently delivered expert social media management and excellent results for different social media platforms with a diverse range of clients. We understand that your performance and marketing campaigns are the direct estimations of your brand, so when you trust us with this responsibility, we hold it to the highest standard.

With our white label social media management, you can be sure that every penny your client spends will generate the results that you wanted and more. Provide your clients with an understanding of how you’ve improved their performance across multiple accounts with in-depth insights into specific social media channels.
How can white-label social media management help your agency scale?
Veza Digital provides you with flexible, scalable, and intuitive tools and processes that will retain your clients onboard. Reselling white label social media services will save you time and money and earn your client’s trust. We are in the business of helping your business scale and grow. You will be able to have the extra resources play into your agency’s future growth and development.

With White Label Social Media Management, you can build its costs into client contracts upfront. You can charge them for the experience of working with your team as a whole. To help you structure your invoicing on social media services. We offer custom subscription plans that you can configure according to your needs so that they will fall in line with the costs outlined in your proposals for your clients. Our Social Media Marketing is 100% White label, and you can brand it as your own, mark it up, and generate instant ROI.
What social media channels do we work with?
Before you decide which social media channels to use or what types of content to produce, it’s essential to know your social media goals to measure performance. Veza Digital works with all Social Media platforms. When we establish your wants and needs, this enables us to work with platforms best suited to your target audience you want to attract.

If you want to increase brand awareness and start a conversation, consider using platforms like Facebook and the explosive TikTok. If you’re going to generate more leads, consider using LinkedIn as renowned for B2B marketing. If you want to sell a product, then a Social Media channels like Instagram or Pinterest. The point is everyone needs and benefits from Social Media, and it targets all markets and demographics across the world.
About Us | White Label Marketing Agency | Veza Digital