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Our UX & UI design agency team will make sure your clients will have an efficient and memorable experience on your website.


Flawless UX & UI Design on Desktop and Mobile

We make sure all of your customers have the best experience possible, whether they are using desktop or mobile to view your website they will love and remember their experience.

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Our 6 Step Process

We don't waste our clients time with trial and error methods, we want to create the perfect product for you ASAP so you're business can succeed ASAP. That's why we use a 6 step process to assure top quality UX and UI design service right off the bat.


This process begins with researching your target audience. We do this in order to identify their behavior, their goals, their motivations,theit needs, and what they expect.



Now that we've collected some data about your users, summarize that information into a user persona. This means we create a representation of your key audience so we can deliver the users goals and remove the obstacles that prevent them from achieving their goals.

Analysis Part 2

Every website needs a sitemap, but in order to create that we need to establish the scenario map and user flow. this process is important because it states the clear goals that could be the driving factors to your websites success.



Now its time to begin the design process, to do this we use wireframes and interaction prototypes. We do this to let everyone involved give their ideas, explore options and after everyone agrees on one, we can continue with further design without any changes or confusion.

Visual Designs (UI)

Once the wireframe and prototype has been established we begin the user interface (UI) design process; user interface compliments user experience. Its the look and feel, the presentation and the interactivity of your website. After this is complete we deliver this information to our developer to bring your website to life.


Validate Designs

Now that the first version of your website is complete, we make it available to your users. Once your users use your website we use analytic tools to track how they use the website, how they interact, and find out if they can achieve the goal we intend for them to achieve.

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* Updated June 2020

We've Got Some Ideas For You.

Get on a call with any member(s) of our team to discuss your project needs, then we'll send you a free growth plan including market research, campaign considerations, and a unique growth plan.

Brooke Friendly

I am very happy with the results. Our new site is bold and modern and they created a seamless user experience that will directly impact our bottom line. They managed our project efficiently and always met our tight deadlines. I would not hesitate in recommending Veza Digital for their professionalism, dedication and technical expertise."

Director of Marketing, ChannelAssist

Greg Kerr

"Our Objective was to narrow down an audience of qualified leads as they may relate to future business growth for KOCH Management Group.  This audience was identified and Veza Digital was able to connect us with over 60 qualified Linked In contacts within the first 7 days. Furthermore, our LinkedIn Profiles are now yielding additional attention with respect to post activity and company awareness publications."

VP of Business Development, Koch Management Group

Amit Singh

"You made it so simple and easy for me. I am very glad that I chose Veza Digital for my website planning and marketing. I really appreciate the support I have received before signing the contract till the end of the project. I really appreciate the enthusiasm, knowledge, attention to the detail and professionalism of the team and especially when you guys attended the calls over the weekend.  I really appreciate your ongoing support and look forward to working with you in near future."

Technical Director, 3 Columns

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