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Veza Digital is the top Web Design Agency in Toronto. We specialize in designing and developing impressive websites for equally amazing companies, always at a jaw-dropping pace.

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Business Strategy

The digital presence of your business begins with your website. Your website should be designed and developed to serve your business in the best possible way - both functionally and from a marketing perspective.

For instance, you may need to provide customers with an easy way to discover what services you offer. You may require a Content Management System that can be updated independently with just a few clicks - or you may want to display your products in a certain light for an engaging shopping experience.

Our goal in this phase is to discover just that - how your website will best serve your business.


Information Architecture

Solid information architecture is the foundation for any web design project. The user experience determines how users perceive and engage with your content, what they find when exploring it, and how you can encourage them to engage further.

For this reason, we put a lot of emphasis on this phase of the project - it sets the foundations for everything else.



Mockups are the next phase of our web design process. Before we start developing your website, it's crucial to review how it will look and feel.

The purpose of mockups is to give you an idea of how your website will look when it is launched. The mockups themselves are a series of images that simulates your website’s layout, design and branding options.

A well-done mockup will give you the opportunity to refine every small or large detail of your website before any actual development has started.



A great website design catches the eye of your users, but the words and the story your website is telling is what really does the selling. A site's content should be well researched, carefully considered, engaging, and constantly improved.



Our custom development team will make sure every element of the final product is exactly how you want it. This step includes taking all mockups and putting them into an actual functional website. The CMS/platform we will use for your website heavily depends on your individual web project needs.
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