5 Hot Website Design Tips for Startups

Yelena Petic
Yelena Petic
July 26, 2022
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5 Hot Website Design Tips for Startups | Veza Digital

“Judgement on a company’s credibility is 75% based on the company’s website design.” 

~ (Source: Web Credibility Research from Stanford)

It literally takes seconds for people to form an opinion about your website and determine whether they’re going to stay or leave. 

Yes, people are judging you

So, your website’s design and content must be able to engage your visitors enough to want to stay on the site for them to be able to learn how your product or service can help them.  It’s all about providing value! Your website design has a huge impact on your business, now with that being said let's take a look at some hot website design tips.

Keep Things Clear & Simple

The simplicity of your website really does determine whether a customer will purchase what you are offering regardless of what that is. Simplicity is about having a minimalist approach and that is what makes your startup website more professional. This means that your website has to not only create a great first impression being easy to read, easy to navigate and visually appealing.

By being able to provide easy navigation and light experience for your website user you are providing them a positive experience and this will likely lead to making a purchase or submitting a contact form with less pressure.

88% of online visitors/ consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience.” 

– (Source: The Gomez report, Why Web Performance Matters)

Brand ID

Your branding and your message should go together and should be able to represent each other. Your company logo is your identity and it should be unique but totally represent what your business is about.

Do research on some of the best logo designs before you start creating yours. Make sure that you have a well-designed logo and a design that reflects your brand. 

Branding, in general allows your website visitors to know by association and by that it means quality and trust. Well-Done brand identity on all your platforms helps to increase your website conversions.

“28% of people will stop engaging with a website if it’s branding is unattractive”

Learn more about logo design here: Looka: Logo Design & Brand Identity Platform for Entrepreneurs

Be on top of Visual Design Trends

Visual design plays a pivotal role in Website design almost as much as website functionality. Having a visually appealing user experience will help to convert those website visitors.

Studies found that 46% of consumers base their decisions on the credibility of a website from its visual appeal & aesthetics.” 

Website designers these days are just so creative while keeping the sites functional and clean of clutter. Just look how RhapsodyMedia does it in their tips for digital design.

Let’s dig in and take at some of 2020’s hottest visual website design trends.

  • A collaboration of photos and illustrations
  • Patterns in web design
  • Black and white evergreen web design
  • Minimalist sites with maxi typography
  • Retro style in modern web design
  • Line art for clean and creative websites
  • Illustrations to combine art and design
  • 3D elements and motion effects that impress
  • WebFlow codeless web design 

10 Ways to Effectively Use Visuals on Your Website ...


Ready, Set, Call-to-Action (CTA)

When designing a new website look and feel, it is obvious you have a clear aim. Your website has a specific product or service that you are trying to focus on and you need to have a proper call to action button.  It can be something like “free trial”, “submit” “click to save” “buy now” or “get access now”. Make sure that this CTA is easy to locate on the page, this way it's easily accessible by the website user.

Give your website visitors the feeling of necessity to click your CTA and then convince them on why they should be buying your product or service.

73% of websites don’t have a CTA and if your website has designed a great you can stay ahead of your competitors who are not up to par with your business.

“70% of small business websites lack a Call to Action (CTA) on their homepage and across their website.” 

– (Source: GO-Gulf web development)

Content Control

Content plays a very valuable role in your website and its effect on your website visitors. The text readability will define how easy it is for the user to understand your product or service. 

If your website’s text readability is high, your visitors will be able to thoroughly scan through the content of your website and take in the information about your business with less effort.

This all goes back to the customer experience and making things easy to navigate and light for your customer for the most positive experience in the end.

“41% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content is overbearing and dull” 

– (Source: Adobe)

11 Golden Rules of Writing Content for Your Website | Jimdo …

Working with the right digital web design team will make your website not only run to it’s the best efficacy to keep your website visitors relaxed and happy while viewing your website, but it will look on point too.

So keep the masses engaged and intrigued with the latest hot website design trends.

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