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Find the people looking for your services & fill your calendar with sales calls by working with Veza Digital on generating your leads.

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List Building

Lead generation funnel is not going to work if you don't have a list of decision-makers who need your services.

That's why the first thing that we always do, whether we will be using email or LinkedIn, is curating segmented lists of decision makers from companies who you'd love to work with - complete with names, contact information, and key notes about the lead.

Platform Optimization

No matter where you're reaching out to people, you have to leave a good impression.

For that reason, we always ensure your platforms are optimized before we begin our lead generation efforts.

This includes optimization of LinkedIn profiles (both company & personal), email footer design & development, and even social media/landing page optimization. It completely depends on where our campaign will be sending leads to.

Email Marketing

Some people think email marketing is a thing of the past - however, we've been able to secure plenty of high-value clients (for us & for our clients), with an extremely low marketing budget.

One thing we place a heavy focus on in the realm of email marketing is ensuring your domain & email address don't end up on the "naughty list" (getting marked as spam) - so you can rest assured knowing your email will be completely safe throughout our campaigns, and beyond.

LinkedIn Automation

When people are looking to make a business decision, they often go to LinkedIn - and that's why this is such a great platform to use.

We don't just send out spammy-looking messages from your profile - we create a full funnel and plan geared towards connecting & introducing you to key decision makers in your target market who will turn into closed deals as the nurture process continues.

Lead Nurturing

Generating leads is awesome - however, if you don't do the right things with them, they'll never become more than leads.

In our initial strategy phase, we make a funnel for you to nurture the leads that you generate & speak with, so you can be sure the highest amount of them will actually turn into closed deals.


What is the ROI on Lead Generation?

As with any sort of marketing, you can never clearly state what the guaranteed ROI will be. However, we find lead generation to be one of the highest-ROI marketing efforts, and it's something we recommend every single business includes in their marketing strategies. We've seen many companies generate an ROI of over 20x.

Do cold email Marketing ruin my email authority?

If you don't do them properly, yes. Our team has been perfecting cold email campaigns for over 5 years, and we've created and operated an iron-solid method to make sure your email will never be marked as a spam sender.

What is linkedin automation?

LinkedIn automation is the practice of populating lists of your ideal clients into an automation software, which will then send them a sequence of messages.

You've probably seen automated messages before, and immediately decline the request.

However, if you get one of our automated messages, you wouldn't even know. That's because we use marketing psychology principles to target the emotional points in your leads' brain, and make them feel that you will be able to solve their problems - without coming across as generic, boring, or automated.

How Much Do Your Lead Generation Services Cost?

Our lead generation services vary greatly in cost. We've worked with budgets as low as $500 a month, and as high as $15,000 a month, but you can book a call with us to discuss your specific needs and get an accurate quote.