Graphic Design Services

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Our graphic designers are trained professionals who use art and visual communication skills to customize advertisements and other company materials. We can work with you from the start of your company to help you develop a brand identity, or hire us later on as needed for custom graphic design projects such as presentations, logos, or social media posts.

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A company's branding is done by personalizing it to make it stand out from the competition.

It is also essential to have a sleek and modern design, powerful typography, and bold colors to make your business emblematic.

Presentation Design

Presentations tell a story and present company values and goals to employees, investors, partners, and the public. They communicate strategies in an easily understandable manner.

At Veza Digital, we've designed hundreds of presentations and understand the science of having someone's attention.

Logo Design

A custom logo design isn’t just a new coat of paint for your company. It’s an opportunity to rebrand and start fresh with a custom-made logo. Our custom logos are designed with a custom approach to better suit your business’s needs, goals, and style. We consider color palettes you already use, the typeface that represents your brand, and anything else we can think of, such as imagery or fonts.

We think about how many colors you want in the logo, what shape it should be in and what size it should be on different mediums. We do all this to create a custom logo and one that will represent your company for years to come.
If you already have mockups made and just need us to develop your site, we can skip this step!


Your website is the digital heart of your business. It should be custom-made to match your style and interactively promote your product consider color.

Creating custom graphic illustrations that zoom, move or explode on a device is sure to impress anyone who visits! Illustrations are custom-made to your specifications and will have a custom look that will impress anyone who visits your website. You'll love it so much that you want to trademark it and make sure no one else can use it!

Social Media Posts

Creating social media content can be challenging to keep up with the demand. Many brands outsource their social media content creation to custom graphic design agencies such as Veza Digital.

We follow a process that keeps your posts pipeline entire of new, relevant, and trendy social media content for Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and many more.


Is there an ROI on Custom Graphic Design?

You may think that having high-quality custom graphics in your marketing would not be affordable, but it can save you money. A study from the Graphic Design and Marketing Association called "The ROI of custom graphic design" found that custom graphic design services can reduce a company’s marketing costs by a whopping 50%. Altering things like webpages, logos, flyers, banners, business cards, brochures, and more will allow you to change how your company communicates with its customers ultimately. It will also give you a fresh new image which will help connect with your audience on a more personal level. Good custom graphics are worth the investment because it has been proven repeatedly that custom designs generate.

Do You Offer an on-demand service?

The custom graphic design services offered by Veza Digital include custom artwork for your business, custom logos, custom illustrations, custom product packaging designs, and custom letterheads. Custom artwork is the best choice for any business that wants to use a custom logo or letterhead because it fits perfectly into their brand identity. It also allows businesses to include special elements in their custom graphics like hidden messages, personal symbols, or icons that are relevant to them. This makes it extra unique to them, and all of these can be included through custom artwork. Graphic design agencies offer this service as part of their offerings, so if you have a limited budget but still want something unique and professional-looking, custom artwork would suit your needs best since it involves more work.

How long is the timeframe for projects?

The custom graphic design process can range from 2-4 weeks depending on the requirements. We take approximately 1-3 weeks for custom logo design services, an additional 2-4 weeks for custom identity design services, and 2 weeks for custom web design project. This is why we recommend that your inquiry about our on-demand custom graphic design services where you have a hassle-free design team at your fingertips.