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We're a full service, laser focused team consisting of marketing strategists, design thinkers, sales engineers, copywriters, and developers. 

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Why do we love digital marketing? We love the versatility and rapid implementation. We love the ability to catalyze ideas and reach everyone everywhere. We love how the return is incomparable to any other medium. And we love how we can measure everything to prove it.

Stefan Katanic

An entrepreneur, digital marketing strategist, and educator. He's focused solely on the success of taking new products and platforms to market with some of the smartest people in the business. Today he advises on branding and digital strategy for emerging companies.

Managing Partner

Julian Galluzzo

A design thinker who always keeps your customers best interests at heart. His focus is on leading the delivery team to provide the highest quality of work for our partners projects. Today he advises partners on digital experiences.

Head of Digital Strategy  

Ryan Holmer

Ryan has planned and implemented online marketing strategies for hundreds of businesses around the world, across a wide variety of industries. Today, he spends most of his time directing marketing strategy, as well as helping clients build more efficient sales teams.

Head of Partnership

Jamal Haymour

Jamal's experience's and abilities are here to help companies realize the power of applying digital marketing to their business. He's helped founders, entrepreneurs, and consultants to be the best online.

Business Development Manager

Jessica Marshall

A sharp eye for developing relevant content on trending topics that reaches the company's target customers.  Monitors, listens and respond to users in a “Social” way while cultivating leads and sales.

Media Manager

Yelena Petic

She's a woman of many skills and applies them accurately when considering how our partners want to be seen in a noisy world. She manages the creation, curation, and brand communications.

Enterprise Communications Manager

Jaron St. Onge

A creative person, focused on making digital experiences look and feel like art. Jaron makes well designed, and well performing websites for clients that put a smile on their face along with their users.

Website Designer

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