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We're a full service, laser focused team consisting of marketing strategists, design thinkers, sales engineers, copywriters, and developers. 

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Why do we love digital marketing? We love the versatility and rapid implementation. We love the ability to catalyze ideas and reach everyone everywhere. We love how the return is incomparable to any other medium. And we love how we can measure everything to prove it.


Meet your new team.

Stefan Katanic
CEO & Co-Founder

With extensive experience in fintech startups, Stefan has been leading businesses of all niches and sizes for over 10 years.

As our CEO, Stefan sets high level business goals and mobilizes all directors to ensure KPIs and OKRs are being exceeded, on schedule, every time.

By adding Stefan to your agency, you get the knowledge & leadership required to develop a self-sufficient, profitable company.

Julian Galluzzo
CDO & Partner

Having worked in top-rating agencies as a production designer, front-end developer, and user experience designer, Julian joined forces with our CEO Stefan, to build a multi-faceted team focused on delivering incredible results, and growing businesses.

As our Chief Delivery Officer, Julian works with our service directors to keep their eye on the prize - great results for our clients.

By adding Julian to your agency, you get the knowledge and leadership required to effectively scale the operations of your agency.

Jamal Haymour
Business Development Manager

Coming from a background in enterprise compliance and business law, Jamal knows exactly what it takes to stay on track without sacrificing quality.

While marketers often find themselves on the wrong side of growing privacy laws, Jamal ensures your agency can market its clients as aggresive as you'd like, without running into issues.

Jamal will be your main point of contact, ensuring everything gets done for you and your clients, and ensuring all deliverables comply with the high standards set by your agency.

By adding Jamal to your team, your agency gains experience in law and strict business management.

Morhad Benallouane
Director Of Advertising

After working for nearly 10 years in South East Asia in E-commerce, supporting brands such as L'Oréal, Paymaya (Tencent), Lazada (Alibaba), Shopback (Rakuten), CooCaa, ... Morhad has been able to acquire a strong experience in marketing performance and strategy for online commerce.

Comfortable with platforms like Googles Ads, Facebooks Ads, Amazon PPC, Hubspot and Salesforce, Morhad will support you to set up profitable strategies quickly.

By adding Morhad to your agency, you will get a perfectly tailored strategy for your brand and achieve strong ROI in predictable and unambiguous ways.

Jessica Marshall
Public Relations Leader

As an expert in social interaction, Jessica will be the person leading the social media and PR for you and your clients.

With a clear understanding of how businesses interact with people, Jessica will be able to turn your brand and your clients' brands into not just a business, but a relatable entity that understands its customers.

By adding Jessica to your agency, you get expertise in public relations and social outreach for businesses.

Dusan Nedeljkovic
Web Project Director

After perfecting the ins & outs of traditional web development, Dusan thought there must be some way to give companies an exceptional online presence, without having to deal with the time & financial costs that come with the typical enterprise website process.

That's where Webflow comes in.

Dusan has spent the past 3 years making industry-leading websites for clients in order to give them a great online presence & support their marketing efforts.

By adding Dusan to your agency, you gain the power to build impeccable online experiences for yourself & your clients, for a fraction of the normal cost.

Yelena Petic
Content Writer

With the ability to turn any topic into an engaging, relatable, SEO friendly article, Yelena runs ours (and our partners) content marketing.

While most content marketers are only able to write about a select few topics, Yelena has the ability to write engaging content for any niche - from healthcare, to enterprise technology.

By adding Yelena to your agency, you get a team member with expertise in business content writing, and rapid topic research.

Milos Bajovic
SEO Manager

As a master in all types of search engine optimization (SEO), Milos is the reason why our website, along with our clients' websites, rank on the first page of Google.

With years of expertise in on-site optimization/SEO Development, keyword research, and off-site strategies, Milos leads the SEO team in acheiving search ranking goals in the shortest possible amount of time.

By adding Milos to your agency, you get expertise in all forms of search engine optimization, along with campaign management.

Nick Bonanno
Enterprise Development Lead

Having started his career as a developer, Nick learned all the ins and outs of making things work online the right way before making the transition to leading a full-stack development team.

Nick is the vision and leadership behind the enterprise development projects for us, and our partners.

By adding Nick to your agency, you get expertise in all forms of development, from simple business websites, to large scale eCommerce applications.

Jon Cogan
eCommerce Strategy Partner

Also known as "the eCommerce quarterback", Jon has over 15 years of experience in turning businesses into digital sales kingpins.

No matter what your business goals are, Jon knows how to mobilize our team in a way that leads to eCommerce success, every single time.

By adding Jon to your agency, you get experience in everything it takes to make an eCommerce business successful.

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