The ChatGPT App for Slack: Your New AI-Powered Assistant
Vuk Lazarevic
April 29, 2023
6 mins

The ChatGPT App for Slack: Your New AI-Powered Assistant

The ChatGPT App for Slack: Your New AI-Powered Assistant

Salesforce and OpenAI have decided to introduce the ChatGPT app for Slack in early March! It seems like this just might be the hottest topic out there so far this month.

ChatGPT, the famous AI-powered language model, is now available for Slack as an integration. It is designed to bring the power of AI directly to every single Slack user. Now, you can interact with ChatGPT through the app using natural language commands.

The app will receive and render helpful responses based on the most up-to-date knowledge available to the model.

Let’s delve deeper and learn more about the ChatGPT app for Slack!

The ChatGPT App for Slack: Why You Should Care

The majority of IT leaders believe that generative AI has what it takes to boost their ability to serve customers, make better use of data, and operate more efficiently. Experienced tech enthusiasts also agree that this type of AI-powered software has the potential to merge public and private data sources.

But, what exactly can this app do for Slack users?

Well, the app takes knowledge gathered from Slack and connects it to the available intelligence of ChatGPT. That is how the users get access to the info they need and thus improve their work processes.

What’s Under the Hood?

It is important to note that the app is still in its beta phase. Users should not hurry to criticize every feature that is still being developed.

However, at the moment, the ChatGPT app for Slack offers a conversational interface that takes advantage of OpenAI’s huge language models to better furnish users with speedy conversation summaries, research tools for learning about numerous subjects, and writing aid aimed at improving their ability to craft clear and concise messages.

Benefits of the ChatGPT App for Slack

Let’s walk you through the most important benefits of the ChatGPT App for Slack.

Speed is the name of the game

The ChatGPT app for Slack offers AI-powered conversation summaries that allow users to quickly gather the most important details regarding their Slack channels or threads. Users, therefore, can easily get updated with the latest company developments.

Efficient research tools

The app also allows employees to find answers on any covered topic or subject. This enables them to acquire knowledge and perfect their skills quickly and without having to close Slack.

Clear and concise messaging

This is most likely the ‘hottest’ feature and piece of news people are sharing at the moment about this integration - the app also offers writing assistance!

Yes, the AI-powered writing assistance allows users to draft, write, and send messages in a matter of minutes. This is great both for internal and external communication. Not only will you communicate better with your colleagues but you will also improve your customer correspondence.

Craft effective messages, replies, status updates, and meeting notes in a matter of minutes!

Optimized workload

As you can see, this app can help automate routine tasks and provide support to users. Consequently, this can free up some time and your agents will be able to focus better on more complex and meaningful tasks.

Reducing the workload for human agents means increasing productivity and job satisfaction.

Slack and ChatGPT: The Facts to Keep in Mind

There are a few important and fun facts that you should keep in mind about the ChatGPT app for Slack:

  • The ChatGPT app has been developed on top of Slack’s platform. The app will be available alongside more than 2,600 other integrations in the app ecosystem.
  • The integration will provide users with granular controls to handle third-party access to data stored by Slack safely.
  • The app shall not make use of data accessed with permission to train the language model.
  • When creating the app for Slack, OpenAI made use of a variety of SDKs, frameworks, and development tools available by the platform. That is how the team made sure that safety and security were meeting the grade.
  • The team behind OpenAI also tested the app relying on pilots to have a direct engagement with their customers via sales, service, etc.
  • Using Slack Connect and Huddles plays an important role in OpenAI’s customer communication operating model.

Why Develop the ChatGPT App for Slack Now?

Many users and enthusiasts were wondering why the app wasn’t released earlier seeing the benefits it brings to businesses. Simon Posada Fishman, the OpenAI solutions engineer who developed the app, recently explained why.

According to Mr. Posada Fishman, that was the only natural thing to do. Since the team behind OpenAI is already using Slack, they decided to integrate the two solutions.

The team behind OpenAI has incorporated ChatGPT into their primary workspace on Slack as they recognized the need for its presence due to the constant communication on the platform. 

The decision to do so was quickly made, as they realized it would yield significant returns on investment.

Mr. Posada Fishman concluded that building within Slack has been an enjoyable experience for them. Though the "fun" aspect of engineering and development is often overlooked, the Slack platform offers numerous capabilities that made building a secure and scalable app much easier and quicker than anticipated.

Do You Want to Access the ChatGPT App for Slack?

If this sounds interesting and you would like to try out the app and see how it works, click on the link provided here.

Keep in mind that there is a waitlist for beta access. Hopefully, you will get approved in no time and get to enjoy and try out all the features that the ChatGPT app for Slack has to offer.

Also, do not be surprised if you see other similar software solutions because every major tech company is well aware of the AI trend that’s been going on. It is safe to say that we can expect even more powerful and innovative chatbots and conversational interfaces to emerge alongside the famous Chat GPT.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line that you should be aware of is that the ChatGPT app for Slack definitely offers tangible benefits and use cases. This applies to businesses of all sizes.

Streamlining workflows, providing fast responses, reducing workload, etc. clearly proves that the app can make a considerable difference regarding the productivity and efficiency of teams.

That is the prime reason why many experts and leaders today believe that giving this app a chance may prove to be a move in the right direction toward better efficiency in general.

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