How to get Clients for Facebook Ads

Yelena Petic
Yelena Petic
September 27, 2022
How to get Clients for Facebook Ads | Veza Digital

In the pursuit of growth and client retention digital marketing agencies, freelancers and specialists are always on the pursuit to attract and attain new clients with cutting edge services and management.

It has evolved and has become so specific especially in the case of how to find clients for Facebook.

In fact, 57% of digital marketers cite customer acquisition as their most important marketing expenditure, Facebook Ads being right at the top of any social media ads management requested by clients.

But to actually attract a client and get the client to view your business as the one that will take on their Facebook Ads is an entirely different story.

It can take a lot of convincing to make the client see that what you are offering is the best in analytics, customer care, and results, it can be a substantial task.

You may be asking yourself is it that hard to get a “yes” from a client

Well, I’m sure you already know it really is.

So, if you want to know how to get clients for Facebook Ads you will require the proper blend of campaign strategies and execution.

If you find yourself struggling on how to get more Facebook Ads clients, or simply need to know where to find Facebook Ads clients then this article is for you.

1. When in doubt, hire a Growth Marketing Agency.

Growth Marketing Agencies are the backbone of so many highly successful global organizations (Amazon, Nike, Alibaba, more). 

Growth Marketing Agencies make sure your brand and business are steered in the right direction with brilliant strategies and campaign execution. 

And most definitely steer you on the right path to real success. 

Growth Marketing Agencies implement and  manage Facebook Ads strategies to accomplish your clients business goals

A Growth Marketing Agency will collaborate with its clients to pinpoint the most effective Facebook Ads marketing strategies to get the best results.

This ensures the maximum return of investment (ROI).

Having a solid strategy allows your brand to identify itself and be exposed to the right people.

The role of a Growth Marketing Agency is to determine who the right demographics are of their client, collect and analyze data, all to get the most out of each and every single Facebook Ads marketing campaign. 

For a successful campaign to deliver the brand's underlying message that nurtures future leads.

By hiring a Growth Marketing Agency you will be able to guarantee your client's Facebook Ads success over and over because these agencies have strategy experts who know exactly how to take on Facebook Ads campaigns.

They can change strategies at a moment's notice to keep a client's Facebook Ads campaign at the highest level of peak performance.

Hiring a Growth Marketing Agency is a sure-fire way to get more clients for Facebook Ads because the Growth Marketing Agency will be providing you with stellar results you can put into your portfolio.

Another added benefit is that you are very likely to get the best online reviews which help build your brand reputation as a Facebook Ads powerhouse provider.

2. Connect and Communicate with your Target Audience.

Communication is key in almost any situation, especially with your target audience.

In today's digital world lack of connection and communication with a potential Facebook Ads prospect can destroy a working relationship before it even started.

This includes your current and/or recent clients that you have already provided Facebook Ads marketing services.

Keeping open relationships after Facebook Ads marketing services were provided to clients ensures that you are seen in a level of professionalism that is not necessarily seen in an industry so competitive as digital marketing.

It places your business ahead of the competition.

You can use your open relationship for collecting information such as suggestions and feedback which in turn makes your client feel like their opinion(s) and them as a person are valued by your digital marketing agency. 

It is a win-win, you can improve your Facebook Ads game from the information that was given to you by the previous Facebook Ads client and use it and learn from it. 

You can improve your customer experience or CX when prospecting potential clients for Facebook Ads management and make it the best experience possible.

The reality is many digital marketing agencies, Facebook Ads specialists and freelancers do not place enough value behind customer experience never mind providing the proper experience from the get-go.

Below are great questions you can ask current and past clients to help you plan out and provide better CX to get new Facebook Ads clients:

  • On a scale of 1-10 how satisfied were you with the CX we provided you and why?
  • What could we have improved to have better served you?
  • Would you recommend us to colleagues or friends?
  • Were you satisfied with our attention to detail behind your wants and needs?
  • How happy are you with the Facebook Ads results?
  • Did we truly understand what you wanted out of your Facebook Ads marketing campaign?   
  • Are you willing to leave a positive review or recommendation, if so why?

What you are able to learn from these questions can greatly benefit you and your business. 

And most definitely improve your chances of how you can get clients for Facebook Ads. 

It will have you better prepared and on top of your game when trying to attract Facebook Ads clients.

You can harness the power of communication to build better client relationships that will help you get clients for Facebook Ads marketing and management.

3. Use the Power of Social Media.

Social media can make something simple as a dance trend to a business and its offerings spread like a wildfire. 

Social media acts like kerosene in the customer acquisition game.

Social media can boost brand awareness as well as showcase the personality and humanity behind a business.

It also allows you to share content that can really reflect who you are and what your business is all about but it needs to be done well.

You need to sell yourself, not just the Facebook Ads service(s) you are offering to potential clients.

People want results but they don't want the smarmy sell either.

You need to tell a good story behind every single piece of content that is put out on social media.

Make sure it is impactful but to the point and honestly can work wonders in this department.

When you segment your audience and know the demographics you are hitting you can change tactics and the type of content you are putting out to attract the right type of clients for Facebook Ads campaigns.

Remember, you are selling yourself and your business not just your offerings, so showcase what you are all about what makes you great at what you do, and do it genuinely.

This will set you apart from your competition because you are presenting solutions with a message.

You are sure to get clients for Facebook Ads campaigns and management if you handle your social media campaigns in this manner.

The Takeaway.

How to get new clients for Facebook Ads is an art in itself. You must be willing to be adaptive to your target market and change your approach when needed. You need to think of this as an evolving strategy to keep filling your sales funnel and to keep business pouring in. Take on a lifelong learning approach and learn how to get more clients for Facebook Ads by being flexible in your way of thinking and reinventing yourself and your business to be able to reach the success you crave.

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