Never Stop Ranking: Your Guide to Creating Evergreen Content

Boost website traffic with hot Evergreen Content, the best SEO strategy. Learn how to create high-quality Evergreen Content for SEO success and high ROI.

July 1, 2024
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Evergreen content is here to stay. It stays relevant no matter what happens in your industry. Even though it sounds fancy, evergreen content is easy to create. It helps you rank higher in search engines as Google loves informative and interesting content. Most website traffic comes from searches. Evergreen content with a good SEO strategy is a powerful tool to get your Webflow website noticed.

1. Create content that never gets old

1. Create content that never gets old

Unlike news articles that go out of date quickly, evergreen content stays relevant for a long time. It focuses on topics that will remain relevant, even if the world around it changes.

You need to go beyond specific instructions and product reviews, evergreen content has timeless advice and explanations. General best practices are like offering enduring value regardless of industry trends. and things like glossaries that define ever-present technical terms (like "KPIs" or "On-page") and informative articles providing foundational knowledge (like this one!) can remain relevant for extended periods.

2. What doesn't make the evergreen cut

Even evergreen content can lose its freshness if it dives into seasonal trends or anything else with a short lifespan. Generally, anything that won't be relevant in a few weeks isn't considered evergreen. Unlike evergreen content, some information has a freshness window.  Unlike evergreen content, some information has a freshness window. Imagine a blog post titled "The Top Webflow Features of 2024." While it might be relevant, new features and functionalities are constantly being added to Webflow. This means content focused solely on the "hot trends" of a specific year might become outdated quite quickly. Current news, hot topics, and updates may lose their appeal to readers quickly.

3. Why evergreen content is the gift that keeps on giving

3. Why evergreen content is the gift that keeps on giving

Evergreen content is a smart long-term strategy for any business. Unlike trendy topics that come and go, evergreen content delivers consistent website traffic because it focuses on subjects that always interest people. Here's what you can expect when you create timeless content:

4. The site traffic that keeps flowing

Evergreen content, unlike news articles or trending topics, keeps showing up in search results year after year. It might get more attention sometimes than others, but it always stays useful. Think about it like this, someone in a cold climate might search for "how to grow vegetables indoors" in the winter because they want to start their garden early. But in a warm climate, someone might need that same information because it's their growing season! Evergreen content works because it's helpful all year round. They become your most-visited pages because they're reliable and always relevant, bringing in steady traffic.

5. Evergreen content gives you a higher ROI

It takes just as much effort to create a great evergreen piece as it does for a trendy topic. You still need good info, sources, and writing skills. Evergreen content gets more shares. A hot news story might get shared a lot right after it's posted, evergreen content can beat out trendy stuff in the long run. Unlike evergreen content, some information has a short shelf life.  A topic like a fashion guide to building a time capsule wardrobe offers timeless value. These are the shareable gems that keep readers coming back for more.

6. Evergreen content gets more backlinks

6. Evergreen content gets more backlinks

Websites love linking to evergreen content. By becoming a trusted source of information, you'll attract more backlinks to your content and help search engines rank your content higher. The more evergreen content you create, the better your chances of getting noticed at the top of search results!

7. Create content that never gets old

Evergreen content is the gift that keeps on giving for your website. Unlike trendy topics, evergreen content stays relevant year after year, attracting consistent traffic. Here's a simple 4-step strategy to create valuable evergreen content.

  • Brainstorm Broad Categories

Imagine you're writing for Figma, a design platform. Instead of focusing on specific trends, start with broad categories users care about, like "prototyping" or "user research." These are your playgrounds.

  • Research & Identify Topics

Explore Google trends and the past year's search data for your chosen categories to see what interests people. Bonus tip: check "Related queries" for even more topic ideas. Think "fitness" – you might find gems like "home workouts" or "healthy meals." Now that's evergreen content waiting to be created.

  • Choose the Perfect Format

Some topics shine best as videos, while others might be better as step-by-step articles or podcasts. Consider which format best suits each topic and group them. A quick Google search can show you similar topics.

  • Master One Format at a Time

Instead of jumping around, choose a format and start building a content library focusing on that format first. This helps you refine your skills and learn valuable lessons you can apply later. Once you've built a diverse content library, keep up with your website traffic analytics because this data helps you identify trends and adjust your strategy as needed.

Final thoughts

Evergreen content is a strong part of any SEO strategy. You can create content that keeps your site in the top SERP rankings and remember evergreen content is a journey, not a destination. Regularly revisit your content to keep it fresh and relevant as your audience and industry evolve.


Stefan Katanic
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