5-Proven Ways to Increase Organic Reach & Engagement on Social Media

Stefan Katanic
Stefan Katanic
July 26, 2022
 Top 5 Ways to Increase Organic Reach On Social Media

5-Proven Ways to Increase Organic Reach & Engagement on Social Media.

It is not surprising that many businesses and their brands struggle to achieve the same level of organic reach and engagement as they used to a few years ago. Social media platforms are pushing companies towards paid ads and promotions to help boost their social media strategy.

This does not mean that you can’t make the most of the likes of Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and Instagram. Know that there are other ways to continue to grow your brand's organic reach and engagement with the proven methods to look into in 2020.

Understanding Social Media Algorithms

To make sure you are getting the most out of each social media network, you have to learn about every aspect of it and ensure you have a good understanding of how each platform’s algorithm works.

When a video is uploaded, TikTok shows it to a small number of TikTok users in between popular videos. This way, the user doesn’t get bored. The algorithm then measures how much of your video is actually watched, as well as how many likes, comments, shares, and downloads it receives. It seems that the ratio is 1 like for every 10 views in order to trigger the algorithm to show the video to more people.

The algorithm is triggered by the velocity of the engagement it receives. In other words, if it suddenly receives 20% more likes in a single day, then the video will be pushed out to more people. Users have reported that their video views seem to come in waves as a result of these triggers.

Believe it or not, TikTok has over a billion users and was downloaded more than even Instagram last year. That means that the possibility of your video being seen by a lot of people, or even going viral in some small way, is increased.

Facebook’s algorithm was updated to place a greater emphasis on content from friends and family, making it harder for brands to get their posts seen. The change was made to help promote content that encourages ‘meaningful interactions’ from users. 

Meaningful interactions include things such as comments and shares, these are thought to be more active and meaningful in comparison to likes as they require more action from the user. Comments have been listed as the top ranking factors in Facebook’s new algorithm, therefore you should be prioritizing content that will spark conversations amongst your audience.

Twitter’s timeline is slightly different to Facebook as it is not fully algorithmic and focuses on promoting content in real time. It does however still display the ‘top’ tweets at the top of your timeline alongside the ‘In case you missed it’ section. 

Engagement once again plays a big part in why posts are displayed here. The more engagement a post receives the higher the chance of it appearing in your followers’ ranked tweets, therefore the wider the organic reach of the post.

Similar to Facebook, Instagram has moved away from the chronological feed and puts a large focus on engagement. Posts that receive a high level of engagement are perceived to be of higher quality and therefore are rewarded.

Engagement comes out on top; the more engagement a post receives, the higher chance of it appearing in your followers’ news feeds and the higher the level of organic reach.

Quality over Quantity

The first step is to get to know your audience - research similar pages, pay attention to your analytics and understand what it is that your followers like and respond to.

The principle behind this is that since you have posted amazing content that your previously audience engaged with the algorithm will look at your page content more favorably because it knows that you're already driving significant engagement. Therefore, your posts with links will ideally be granted the same reach benefits.

Your focus should be on producing high-quality, relevant content that your followers and audience will be interested in and want to engage with. Fewer, higher quality posts are far more beneficial when looking to increase your organic reach in comparison to lower quality posts.

Videos and Live Videos

The importance of incorporating videos into your social media engagement strategy is huge. It is not so much that the news feed algorithm loves video, rather videos are just a more popular form of content for the user to consume.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic people all over the world are watching and engaging more with videos and live streams People are looking for ways to keep up and be informed and video content viewership has skyrocketed. 

It is not only about information, it is about people wanting to break from the boredom that is self isolation due to COVID-19. Millions of people are looking for ways to escape from it, so take advantage of this terrible situation and make a positive out of a negative.

The easiest way to dive into videos is by going live

Live-streaming creates a sense of urgency. Using tools like Periscope, Facebook Live, Instagram Live and Broadcast Me can make the process of creating quality videos for your posts easier.

Use Messenger Bots

ChatBots will be transforming the way a business can communicate with their users. Chatbots can be used for lead nurturing, retaining customers, and sharing  knowledge. A.I is taking charge in the Chatbot world helping them run a more efficient human like approach.

The concept of conversational commerce is more preferred as it encourages buyers to shop online with chatbots. Messaging platforms allow businesses to revive their approach, ranging from brand improvements, delivery and customer service. Consumers note that messaging is the most convenient way to stay connected with businesses.

More and more brands are adapting to messaging platforms in an effort to boost customer engagement and strengthen loyalty.

Marketing Engagement

Customers prefer businesses offering bot support. 47% of users are open to purchasing items through a bot. The chatbot stats show that most of the buyers trust chatbot as the best and most convenient way to interact with businesses.

Brand Awareness

Marketing strategists are agreeing that the use of bots enhances the brand awareness and customer retention. One of the most impressive facts behind growing chatbots is giving quick answers to customer queries. 

Book my show, a well known Indian online booking app, has integrated WhatsApp for Business to send ticket confirmations as WhatsApp messages by default.

Take an example of WhatsApp – the most popular messaging channel.

Optimizing Your Social Media Profiles

When creating content for search engines like Google, optimize the content based on all relevant on-page SEO tactics. You can leverage your social media profile for better visibility. There are some things you need to know if you want to be a social media headliner.

These include an easy to remember social media username, a recognizable photograph or the logo of the brand, a keyword-rich description which must sound natural, and a backlink to your business or personal website.

When you work on these elements, you also need to focus on how you are posting content. For instance, focus on the image being posted and the keywords included within the post. This rule is applicable for all social media platforms.

Take these proven ways to increase organic reach and attract a bigger audience.

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