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Google Ads services are explicitly designed to help customers market their products and drive traffic from search engines, media publications, blogs, and YouTube. The best part about Google ads is that you can quickly get started without spending too much money on advertisements. Google Ads offer a range of services to advertise with:

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Search Ads

Advertisers can pay to show their ads when people Google search for keywords related to their product or service, the demographics of the searchers, or other types of Google searches that the Google algorithm determines to be closely related.

Youtube Ads

YouTube Ads are a good idea to use when introducing your products to customers who may not know about them, otherwise known as an awareness campaign. Or, you can also use YouTube Ads to promote your new product and services that’ll generate sales. Our experience is that a mix of both works well.

Display Ads

A Google Display Ad is an online image or GIF Ad, usually, on a public media website or blog, that, when clicked on, opens a new browser window with a relevant website or content. This type of ad can appear at the top of your search results on Google and then in other areas of the web as well.

Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads are ideal for new E-commerce companies looking to sell through new channels. Shopping Ads are still relevantly new compared to other media because they're a cheaper way to advertise products and create a customer base.

The system is also user-friendly, making it perfect for newcomers. Even though the ads show up on Google Search, they'll only show up when shoppers are out doing their searches. They're not forced onto people's computer screens like banners or pop-ups.

App Ads

Google App Ads is a service that Google provides that advertises for an app on a smartphone. The user can set up an app ad, then decides where they would like to promote this ad. The user can also choose what demographic of people they would like to target for advertising before submitting this ad. The type of service offers advertisers a way to reach potential customers when looking at apps and other products from their phones.


How long does it take to set up a Google Ads campaign?

Our Google Ads team typically takes a few hours to set up a Google Ad campaign, but the time varies depending on the campaign objectives, budgets, creatives, and audiences.

How much of an advertising budget do I need?

It all depends on the size of your business, competitors, marketing channels, and the type of market. If you're not sure where to start, you can talk to our Google Ads experts.

What do Facebook ad services include?

At Veza Digital, Facebook ads are used in several different ways. Facebook advertising helps companies find out more about their customers by running Facebook pixel. Facebook pixel is Facebook's way to collect info on Facebook users without showing them ads or for the use of Facebook ads. This is a way to gain information from Facebook users that is then applied to Facebook ad campaigns for our clients. Our services include campaign strategy, set-up, ad design, and reporting.

What Should I look for in an AdWords services provider?

There are a few things to look for when hiring an Ad services provider. First, see if they offer holistic campaigns and consultations that include setting goals, identifying the best channels to use, and measuring the campaign’s success. Next, ensure transparency in the service offering and pricing, so you know you’re getting a fair deal. Finally, put them through standard enterprise measures for service delivery like SLA timelines and response rates within 24 hours.