Facebook Advertising Services

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It can be challenging for businesses to stand out from the crowd – but not if they know how to use Facebook properly. With some tips and best practices, Veza digital clients can optimize their Facebook advertising campaigns while achieving better results in less time.

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Facebook Ads that get in front of people precisely at the moment they are most likely to purchase: Facebook advertising campaign is based on behavioral profiling, so if you can accurately pinpoint when your ideal client is most likely to shop for something or visit your website, Facebook will show ads to those people at their prime time!

Get Seen

Create Facebook Ads that are guaranteed to be seen because Facebook picks them out for you: Facebook will show your posts to the same people who have already shown interest in your Facebook Page by scanning their behavior, such as who they like and post on Facebook. This strategy has a lower conversion rate but is very cost-effective.

Leverage Instagram

Facebook Ads with Instagram Influencers: Posting photos from an influencer's account or associating an image with a Facebook update is also an excellent way to get engagement on Facebook.

Creative Content

We don't want to reveal all of our secrets, but Facebook videos and Facebook ads with a solid call to action will always be on top of Facebook's algorithm. Facebook considers Facebook video content to be some of the most engaging. Facebook creates dynamic Ads video content is the future of Facebook marketing, and we know it very well.

Real-Time Data

Facebook offers a diverse range of advertising services under its Facebook Audience Network, including Dynamic Ads, Facebook Messenger app, Facebook Live, Facebook Stories, and Instagram. These channels give us an abundance of data to work with. We have a lot of information on buying behavior that we can tap into. Our clients leverage our expertise to help them navigate the Facebook waters.


Why use Facebook advertising services?

Facebook advertising is a Facebook service that helps promote businesses’ products or services. Facebook ad services are those Facebook ads that have helped brands, businesses, and influencers connect with new audiences. With Facebook's help, Facebook advertisers can target particular Facebook members, based on demographics like location, age, gender, interests, income level, education level, and other factors. They can also show their Facebook ad or posts to specific groups of people if they desire.

What companies should use Facebook Ad services?

Any company could benefit from Facebook advertising services. Facebook ad management services are affordable and easy to use for any company. Facebook ad services can be used for branding purposes or for marketing products. Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites, so Facebook ad management services would be a great investment for any company looking to grow.

What do Facebook ad services include?

At Veza Digital, Facebook ads are used in several different ways. Facebook advertising services help companies find out more about their customers by running Facebook pixel. Facebook pixel is Facebook's way to collect info on Facebook users without showing them ads or for the use of Facebook ads. This is a way to gain information from Facebook users that is then applied to Facebook ad campaigns for our clients. Our services include campaign strategy, set-up, ad design, and reporting.

What Should I look for in a Facebook ad services provider?

A Facebook ad services provider should be able to provide Facebook marketing expertise for Facebook business pages. Facebook ads should also have both Facebook Ad Campaigns and Facebook Dynamic Ads coupled with Instagram. Facebook Ad Campaigns are created with the Facebook Ad services provider, while Dynamic Ads are created by Facebook.

What metrics do Facebook ad services measure?

Facebook ads can provide metrics such as Facebook Page Likes, Facebook Page Post Engagement, Facebook Page Reactions, Facebook Ad Clicks, and Facebook Ad Impressions. Facebook offers some information about how impressions are calculated. Facebook also provides information about how to use Facebook's API and SDKs to integrate Facebook Ads into your application. Veza Digital, uses custom reports to provide clients with all of the metrics they find relevant to their business and sales.

Which ad formats do Facebook ads services include?

Facebook ads services include Facebook Lead Ads, Facebook App Engagement Ads, Facebook Mobile Apps Ads, and Facebook Inbox ads. Facebook Lead Ads are for when you want to build your email list, Facebook App Engagement ads are for building app installs and Facebook Inbox ads are for showing your Facebook posts outside Facebook.