Frequently Asked Questions

Why not just build my own team to provide services?

That's what everyone thinks at first, including us- however, building a successful team of tech talent able to provide the entire scope of services to your clients on time, not to mention hiring managers and putting processes in place is very difficult, and takes years of hard work. We wanted to remove that step from your journey to building a successful agency. Within a few days, you'll be where it took us years to go.

What type of clients has Veza Digital worked with in the past?

We’ve worked across several industries ranging from Real Estate, Direct-to-Consumer e-commerce brands, venture-backed start-ups and medium-sized technology companies.

Where is your team located?

Our workforce is split between Toronto, Canada and Belgrade, Serbia. We have teams in two time zones meaning we are online 16-hours per day.

What dollar value are you currently managing?

We’ve managed marketing budgets ranging as low as $1,000+ per month to $100,000+ per month across different paid media channels such as Facebook/Instagram, Google Adwords, PR and other advertising networks.

How big is your team and can you handle more projects?

Our team consists of digital marketing specialists ranging from WebFlow designers, HubSpot solution providers, media buyers, content producers, social media managers, communications specialists and SEO wizards. We have experts that will be specifically dedicated towards providing you with whitelabel services.

How fast is your delivery rate per project?

Depending on your clients’ specific requirements, we can see a turnaround from 2-days to up to 45 days and in some cases 60 days. Depending on the service. Your dedicated account executive will help you define a timeline for each project.

What experience do you have outside marketing?

Entrepreneurship, raising start-up capital, mergers and acquisitions, legal and direct to consumer brands.

What beliefs do you have as a company culture?

We believe that anyone brave enough to start their own business is someone we want to work with. We believe in freedom, autonomy, and earning an income by helping others.

Can you provide former case studies?

Yes, please visit our work section on our website.

Do you also offer support for your clients? If yes, in what way? Are you able to communicate directly under my brand and fully manage our clients, with little to no engagement on our part?

Yes, we can offer premium support for your clients under the VezaCare program. We’ll communicate with you and the client with little engagement on your part.

Is there a cost to become a Veza Digital Whitelabel marketing partner? 

We ask that our partners pay a retainer for our time and support throughout your lifecycle until you close your first client. As a partner you’ll get access to our weekly livestreams which cover sales strategies, digital marketing and access to a network of other agency owners from around the world. For more information on this, fill out the form.


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Get access to our dedicated back-end service delivery team, a custom branded website to fit your niche, systems to operate your profit-first agency, and access to our partner community so you feel supported through every step.


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We’ll help you accelerate your learning curve by applying our expert knowledge and experience.

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We'll handle everything your clients need to succeed online

B2B Lead Generation

Content Marketing

Facebook + IG Ads

Google AdWords

Graphic Design

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Management

Web Design + Development

Personalized Delivery

Your clients expect high-quality work that was made for them, but most white-label services use cheap templates. We're different.

Know Your Team

You wouldn't hire an employee you've never met, so why is your agency delivery team any different? By working with us, you'll know your team well.

Premium Quality

We've been delivering quality work for businesses of all sizes for over 5 years now. Your clients expect experts who deliver quality work, we can help.

Agency Accelerator


Get into the mindset of building a Profit-First marketing agency and a plan

Clarity on the direction of your agency and confidence on how to sell your niche

Set-up operational systems, marketing offers, and sales processes to help you get leads

Structure your marketing systems to ensure that your agency is put into the best light in your client’s eyes

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Private agency community

Weekly Q & A's with experts

Training Resources

On boarding call

14 Day sales challenge

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White Label Program


White label marketing agency services by Veza Digital 

Access to lead generation tools to run your agency

Dedicated account executive who is available 5 days a week to help you close

25 Niche-specific leads per month

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* Updated June 2020