What is a White Label Agency & How does it work?

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Yelena Petic
July 26, 2022
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What is a White Label Marketing Agency?

In a nutshell, a White Label Agency is a digital marketing agency that does the work for another digital marketing agency, and the original digital marketing agency which sought out the other gets the credit under their own brand name. 

Now, why would one agency reach out to another agency for the same thing? 

It's all about specialization, cost-efficacy, and speed.

A White Label Agency functions just like a regular agency just not using their own name. 

Just as other agencies, white labels specialize in certain areas of digital marketing such as social media, social selling, web design, marketing automation, PPC and SEO, using the same tech and tools but at a lower cost for awesome work in the end.

It's very beneficial for a new business that may have a small team because work can be outsourced to a partner digital marketing agency that can handle the work that needs to be done. 

This will allow your team to focus their efforts on prospecting as well as other areas like nurturing sales and managing clients. 

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All-around this will give your team more distinct roles when not enough work is available and keep your team working towards other ways to feed and grow your business.

Your brand will be able to provide excellent work for the client and at the same time, it will allow you and your team to focus on other campaigns with the fullest attention to detail. All around great effort is put forth into all aspects of your business.

White Label Agencies are specialists, this means that the work you have outsourced is done to its fullest efficacy. 

When doing your research about which White Label Agency you want to outsource to take the time to go over their track records to see the previous campaign success they have had. 


The agency should be able to provide data and records of the work they have done. It is not recommended to invest your work with a freelancer, it is best to stick with a reputable agency. 

This will guarantee you that the work they do for your business and clients is on time and most importantly be better than your expectations.

It pays to invest well with the right specialist for your specific work that needs to be done well. 

Benefits of using a White Label Agency:

  • Your business doesn't have to specialize in absolutely everything. Yes, your business can offer a broad range of services but by outsourcing the work you don't have to have a large staff and team to do it.
  • Your brand gets the credit for the work that has been done and you as a business owner can wipe out concerns whether or not your team can provide good quality work for those clients.
  • You can focus on servicing your client relationships and really just focus on the front-end of the business.
  • By outsourcing work to a renowned digital marketing agency, you are guaranteeing that the work you are providing your client is done very well.

White Label Agencies are able to provide your business with the push it needs to grow and attract more clients. 

The benefits are immense and really can change the way your business functions. The bigger picture is you and your team can focus on exactly what needs to be done and done well, while the other guy does the work you are not able to efficiently do. 

It is a great way to keep your business in constant momentum.

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