VezaTalks 012: Dagobert Renouf

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Dagobert Renouf
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In this episode, we're thrilled to have Dagobert Renouf, founder of Logology, as our special guest.Dagobert left his high-paying job to pursue his passion for building a startup with his wife, and he quickly realized that the traditional marketing methods he had learned simply didn't work in the digital age. He charted his own path to success by interacting with over 500 Twitter comments every working day, which allowed him to build a more personal brand and grow his Twitter following to over 60,000 followers.Dagobert shares his insights and experiences with our listeners, discussing the myths and wrong assumptions about marketing, his growth method for building a personal brand, and how he scaled his startup to success. Whether you're a future entrepreneur, current business owner, or company manager, you won't want to miss this engaging and informative conversation with one of the brightest minds in the digital marketing world.

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1. Let’s Meet Dagobert

Dagobert Renouf is an entrepreneur and the founder of Logology, a branding agency that helps businesses create effective and memorable brand identities. 

Before starting Logology, Renouf had a successful career in marketing, working for large companies like Coca-Cola and Unilever. Dagobert left his high-paying job and founded Logology with his wife. Logology takes a more holistic approach to branding, focusing on creating meaningful connections between a business and its audience. 

Renouf believes that branding is not just about designing a logo or creating an advertising campaign, but about understanding the essence of a brand and communicating it effectively.

2. The Twitter Journey 

Dagobert had an idea for a startup, but it wasn't fully formed. He and his wife decided to join forces and build a business together, dedicating over a year to building the product. When it was finally ready to launch, they were met with disappointment because they had no audience and no one seemed interested. 

They fell into the trap of assuming that creating a great product was enough to guarantee success, without considering marketing.

After realizing that they needed to generate interest, we started exploring different marketing methods, including Google ads, newsletter sponsorships, and blog posts, Dagobert turned to Twitter, tweeting with almost no followers and replying to other users' posts to promote their startup.

After a couple of weeks, they saw some success and it was a breakthrough moment for them, they realized that Twitter had potential, and since other marketing methods hadn't worked, from there they decided to go all-in on it.

3. The Real Power Of Twitter

As Dagobert and his wife tweeted more, they gained a better understanding of how to approach Twitter strategically and began to commit to it full-time for a few months. 

They soon noticed a direct correlation between the number of followers they gained and the sales of their startup. In just three months of dedicated Twitter use, their monthly sales increased.

But the benefits of Twitter didn't stop at increased sales. Dagobert found that Twitter was a valuable networking tool, allowing him to meet new people and generate new opportunities for their business. 

By focusing on creating valuable content and building genuine relationships with people on Twitter, Dagobert found that they were able to generate all kinds of buzz and interest in their startup. They also discovered that Twitter was as much about content marketing as it was about networking.

“Creating a balance between making people laugh and tweeting valuable content is the perfect combination to gain the trust of your audience.” -Dagobert

Dagobert explained that when it comes to building a following on Twitter, the initial hurdle can be the toughest. So what you can do to overcome this hurdle is to change the way you approach the platform. 

Rather than focusing solely on tweeting, you need to prioritize connecting with others. Spend some time each day searching for people who are tweeting about topics that interest you and reply to their tweets. 

One of the advantages of Twitter is that when you reply to someone's tweet, it's visible to everyone who follows you. This means that even if you only have a small audience, your replies have the potential to reach a much larger audience. 

By building relationships with these individuals, you'll increase your visibility and credibility within your niche. In Dagobert’s experience, he found that sharing real, authentic content has been key to building a genuine following.

In Conclusion

Dagobert left us off with his favorite approach to Twitter which is connecting with people by using humor and your genuine personality in your tweets. By having fun, you can build a personal brand that inspires and connects with people. This personal brand becomes an authority in your niche and boosts your company's credibility.

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