WordPress To Webflow Migration Services

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our process

Kick Off
The first step of any project is to have a kick-off call.

This is where we will talk to you about what your goals are, why you are looking for WordPress to Webflow migration services, and what your expectations are for the project.

We will also discuss deadlines and review checkpoints.
Taking Inventory
When you're changing your CMS, it's super important to ensure nothing gets left in the cracks.

This includes hidden pages, custom scripts, integrations, and anything else that makes your website function the way it does.

In this phase, we work together to figure out everything that needs to come over to the new Webflow site.
Laying Out The Switch
This is an "in-between" phase where we will review everything discovered in the "Taking Inventory" phase and review it together.

This will allow us to move forward with confidence, knowing that nothing will get left behind in the migration.
Development is where the magic happens. Everything we confirmed in the previous phase will move into action, and we will develop everything that was on your WordPress site, along with any special requests you have.

By the time this phase is done, you will have everything needed that was on your WordPress site, without any of the code-bloat that often comes with poorly built WordPress sites.
Testing + Launching
Before we launch the site, we will thoroughly test every aspect of it to ensure there are no issues, so you can rest assured knowing your users & stakeholders won't catch something before we do.

Now that you have a site built in WebFlow, we can either call it a day here, or we can start harnessing the power of webflow by creating new SEO pillar pages, landing pages for Google Ads, and more.

What's the difference between wordPress & webflow?

WordPress is an older CMS that isn't very "foolproof" - this means that the wrong developer can often make you a site that is full of problems, loads slowly, and is hard to fix.

While WordPress is a powerful CMS full of even more powerful plugins, you really need the right development team if you're working with it.

Webflow on the other hand, is an equally powerful CMS without the risk - the vast majority of Webflow sites load super fast, are easy to edit, and are built for scaling.

That being said, Webflow is not totally foolproof - your class names must be set up correctly or it could cause issues down the road, and your development team must understand Webflow very well to make your site to its maximum capacity.

How long do your wordPress to Webflow migration projects take?

Usually, our projects take from 1 week to 5 weeks, however this can vary depending on if you chose a rush service, and the size of your site. Book a call with us to discuss your project in more detail and get an accurate quote.

What are the main things webflow is better at?

We find Webflow is the best choice if your priorities include site speed, rapid iteration, security, and ease of editing CMS data.

Typically, we only go with WordPress if it is a complex eCommerce site we are working on.

How Much Do Your WordPress to Webflow migration services cost?

Our WordPress to Webflow migration services range greatly, depending on what your needs are. Usually, we charge between $3000 - $25,000 for our WordPress to Webflow migration services. Once we discuss your needs on a call, we can give you a clear price.