White-label Google Ads management

Scale your clients business through expert Google Ads management.

We know how to drive business through Google Ads, which means our white-label partners do as well. We generate massive returns for your clients and help you grow your client accounts.

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White Label Google Ads Management | Veza Digital
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What we do

We generate results through Google Ads. Add our team to your agency roster and start doing the same.

As your white-label Google Ads team, we work under your brand. This means you will never have to make referrals again and miss out on the opportunity to offer your clients a winning Google Ads campaign.

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White Label Google Ads Management | Veza Digital

Huge results

We don't use magic - we use strategies that we've proven to work on hundreds of accounts.

There's nothing secret about what we do - you'll see the strategies that we use to generate a massive ROI through Google Ads for your clients through our constant reporting.

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White Label Google Ads Management
Analytics Real Results

White-label Google Ads process

We plan. We optimize. We scale Google Ads for you and your clients.

Everything we do is based off constant improvements. Watch your campaign results grow week over week.

Google Ads audits

Show your client exactly what is wrong with their current Google Ads and prove to them why they should increase their investment with you.

Campaign planning

Create the perfect plan and present it to your clients. Prove to them that you know your stuff and are about to increase their revenue.


Once your clients ads are in front of their customers, it's the copy that converts them. We will make sure that what they read leads to a click.

Landing pages

We've got them to click - now we've got to get them to convert. We will make the perfect landing page that is sure to raise conversions.


We constantly monitor the targeting, conversion rate, keywords, and more. We use this data to make changes that will consistently raise ROI.


Show your client the benefits they're receiving from the investment they're making in you and prove to them why your agency rocks.

More than white-label

We work as your in-house team.

We communicate with our white-label partners directly through Slack. No more sending emails and waiting for a response. No more asking for updates - we send those daily.

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White Label Google Ads Management | Veza Digital


Our success is dependent on one thing - how much we can grow your agency.
Veza Digital has worked diligently to deliver an eCommerce site within five days. Furthermore, the site now ranks high in specific keywords, allowing us to secure a significant amount of sales from our online store. Transparent and communicative, they make it easy to track their progress. I’ve worked with several digital marketing agencies in the past, but after working with Veza Digital, I probably won’t ever work with anyone else.
MHCare Medical
I got what I paid for in terms of the specific outcomes (website, integration, tooling, etc.) but more than that, they've trained me, advised me, helped me see opportunities elsewhere in my business, shared with me how they've built their very impressive team and so on. The full value I've received is great!
Tom Wren Ltd
We did some research and narrowed our list down to a handful of vendors. We chose Veza based on their response time, amount of resources, quality of work we could see, cost, timeline, and 24/7 support. We use a Slack channel for communication, Veza sends a weekly email update and we have a recurring check-in meeting with both teams. I'm continually impressed at the speed and quality of their communication, as well as their ability to handle our questions and requests and professionalism.
Director of Content
The team was great to work with! Communication was always clear and direct and the team was easy to get in touch with. Deliverables were completed on time or earlier, and the team was proactive in all of their communications with us.
Marketing Manager
Our team was growing and we needed additional help with our marketing and building specific campaigns and web pages. The Veza team has been outstanding in stepping up, learning our business and providing solutions that are really moving the needle for us and getting us immediate results.
Their efforts have definitely secured favorable results for us - our campaigns are much more efficient. For example, one of our largest clients has gone from having a ROAS of 1.7x to now having 3.86x. Another client has also sold out their condominium units. Additionally, the event they’ve promoted for us had 7,500 people in attendance even though only 200 RSVP’d. Veza Digital has exceeded our expectations. We’re very satisfied with their work.
Marketing Agency *
* Some partners have requested that we omit their agency name. All reviews are 100% verified through Clutch.

Our pricing

Build the perfect package for your client.

These are 3 examples of packages that you could build for your clients ad campaign. Your exact package and pricing will be built by you, for your clients needs.

1. Basic Management

Perfect for small campaigns & testing out Google Ads.


Additional $595 on set-up if a new ad account must be created.

What's included?

  • Campaign optimization

  • Automatic reporting

  • Real-time Slack communication

  • A project quoting system

Build your package

2. Advanced Ads

Most popular option. Best suited for scaling advertising campaigns.


Additional $595 on set-up if a new ad account must be created.

What's included?

  • Everything in Level 1, plus:

  • Advanced Analytics

  • Advertising copy

  • Client communication

Build your package

3. Full-Service

The right option for high-budget campaigns.


Additional $595 on set-up if a new ad account must be created.

What's included?

  • Everything in Level 2, plus:

  • Dedicated account manager

  • Landing page creation

  • Conversion rate optimization

Build your package

Veza Care Guarantee: If we are not able to generate at least 20% improvement in results compared to your current performance, we will give you 100% of your money back, guaranteed.

Our clients

Managing delivery for market leading global companies.
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Frequently asked questions

How does our white-label Google ads management work?
A White Label Google Ads service delivers all the work to initiate and maintain a successful Google Ads campaign to digital agencies in need of help. The agencies are then free to brand the work however they please to present to their clients. With White Label Google Ads management, you’ll deliver explosive results without any extra burden.

Our team of dedicated marketing professionals at Veza Digital has not only mastered every aspect of Google Ads. Still, it has accumulated years of field experience by practicing Google Ads management across different industries and niches.

With our White Label Google Ads services, your business will see a significant increase in both clicks and conversions, all while cutting overall marketing costs. All this guarantees a higher ROI. Our team will first introduce you to the basics of Google Ads and PPC campaigns. We will sit down with you to discuss your marketing plans, needs, and goals.

Together, we’ll develop the best, most suitable approach to Google Ads. We will make sure your ads are highly targeted, personalized, and clickable. Our team will continue to track, measure, and improve your Google Ads campaign.
How can white-label Google Ads management help your agency scale?
If you’re in a position where you want or need to offer PPC to your clients but don’t have the time or skills to deliver the service, you would benefit from our proven and reliable white label solution. We make it easy to scale your business and add additional revenue to your bottom line. There's no need to hire expensive in-house staff if you don't need to. When you work with us, you partner with a skilled Google Ads & PPC practitioner who is a Google Certified Partner and truly cares about your client's results.

We’re specialists in all aspects of Google Search and Google Shopping – covering lead generation, e-commerce, and SaaS businesses. We’re focused on dependable performance, accountability, and client retention.
What makes our white-label Google Ads agency different?
At Veza Digital, we use our experience and expertise to help marketing and other digital agencies deliver the best possible White Label Google Ads Management to their clients. We work directly with agencies of all kinds to optimize their client’s various Google-based SEM and PPC campaigns.

Our White Label Google Ads services are custom-tailored to your specific wants and actual needs. All this in addition to being targeted and personalized, of course. If Google Ads is a part of your new marketing plan, let us help you maximize your efforts. You have a dedicated team working behind the scenes every step of the way.
What can we handle? (All parts of the Google Ads process)
We can construct a custom White Label Google Ads campaign strategy based on your client’s needs to get the most out of their Google ads. Some of the types of campaigns that can be used are, Search campaigns, Display campaigns, Shopping campaigns, Video campaigns, App campaigns, to name a few.

Google Ads have regular updates from new reporting software to new metrics and columns and changes to the bidding system. Veza Digital is committed to making sure that no update will affect our clients' campaigns negatively. Hence, we make sure we stay updated too by doing regular maintenance on their accounts. Whether you're an e-commerce store looking to increase conversion rates or a small business is trying to get more leads, we've got you covered! If you're considering investing in Google Ads, please know that it's worth the investment.
White Label Google Ads Management | Veza Digital