how it works

Adopting Industry-Leading Solutions

We help agencies operate a profitable business by providing growth opportunities such as channel partner sales, expert creative production teams at discounted white-label rates, and advisory services to help you grow your agency.


Program benefits
Agencies that have surplus hours that month
Discounted hourly and project rates
Agencies that have surplus hours that month
Agencies that have surplus hours that month
Become a Seller


Program benefits
Looking for a quick turnaround for a project
Small vetted team to execute a significant project
Scaling by white-labeling agency services
Get access to the best prices for a better service
Become a Buyer

How does communication work?

We use Slack Connect to your agency's Slack workspace. In the Slack channel, you’ll have access to your Agency Partner and project manager.


How does project management work?

We would treat your project as it were our own. The fulfillment team doing the work would have to follow our workflows and SOPs for delivering on the project. Our project management team uses ClickUp, a tool you’ll also have access to.


How do I purchase services?

Once you join our white-label marketplace, you’ll be able to talk to your Agency Partner from Veza Digital to get your project scoped out properly. We’ll help you understand the scope of work involved, how long it will take to deliver and what the cost is to get it done. As a bonus, we’ll suggest an MSRP for you to sell the service at.


How are my clients managed?

You’ll mostly be responsible for client management. Occasionally, you can ask your Agency Partner to get involved on a project to help you communicate to the client. We provide training on client management within the marketplace. Be sure to talk to your Agency Partner for access to these resources.


How do I sell my services with Veza?

If you have marketing or creative skill within your agency or available resources. You can offer your surplus hours to be white-labeled by an agency that can use the services. You’ll have to submit preferable partner rates to our marketplace.


What are white-label rates?

White-label rates are what you would offer to channel partners. You sell once and business comes back (if you’re good). For example, client rates for your agency are $150/hour, but for white-label agencies, it would be $95/hour.


What is communication like?

We are all about over-communicating to all of the agencies involved. Before we onboard both buyers or sellers, we make sure that they meet our criteria for partnering up, and one of the criteria pieces are that they must be communicative and responsive during our onboarding process.

Our Process

Our team of experts will begin working with you to evaluate your agency’s current capabilities and goals.
We'll then develop a customized plan based on those needs, whether setting up new channels for revenue, connecting you with our experts for discounted rates, or providing advisory services.
Once the plan is finalized, our team will work on implementing it so your agency can take advantage of the growth opportunities available.
As we progress through the implementation stages, our expert advisors are always available to answer questions and support us throughout the journey.
Finally, we will track critical metrics and review results to ensure continued success and profitable growth for your agency.