Stefan Katanic
December 1, 2021

Your Website is your Best Salesperson

When it comes to selling anything online, whether it’s a professional service, SaaS product or e-commerce that sells goodies from around the world, the way your website is designed to operate and communicate the customer exactly what you do, in a short period of time will make or break your business.

Make It About Your Customers

Your customers want information fast, they search on google and most likely open 3-4 different website tabs from the search results. They spend probably about 15 - 30 seconds exploring your website, looking for keywords, looking for highlights and reading (very quickly) what you do and why you do. If your website delivers a poor experience to how they consume that information, unfortunately, you will not receive any form submission notifications in your email, sorry!

The world is evolving, with smartphones in the palm of almost everyone’s hands. Information is so readily available and it’s become competitive in every industry. Luckily if you are an existing business with a relative good digital marketing budget, you can make some adjustments on your digital channels like your website starting from your analytics to capture the low hanging fruit. Sometimes by increasing your website speed from 6 second load time to 3 second load time can increase your conversion rate by 25% (we’ve seen it).

The low hanging fruit is typically from those users who find you organically but do not convert because your website doesn’t do any justice to enabling a well thought out user journey. A user journey is when an expert UX designer is leading with empathy while they outline the journey from initially landing on your website to submitting a contact form that enables your marketing automation to take over and take your leads from MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead) to SQL (Sales Qualified Lead).

Ok, the fruit tastes delicious, now what?

Good question, now it’s time to plan out your next website based on the previous data that we’ve gathered. It’s time to launch something new that will increase your conversion rates even more. You need to start benchmarking your current KPIs like conversion rates, website traffic, speed, time on site and etc.

Having all of those benchmarks we know that that’s today ceiling, how do we go about making that tomorrows floor?

A plan that is well thought out and applied in an agile fashion to get you the micro wins required to achieve growth. Remember, little wins compound to a much bigger win and over time you will gain market dominance in the digital sphere by doing this. This is done when you realize that you need to invest in a digital growth team that designs and test website designs, marketing automation sequences and generates demand for your business. It doesn’t happen overnight, but, as Napolean said: “A mastermind alliance involves two or more people who work in perfect harmony for the attainment of a definite purpose”.

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