Why your Business Needs a GOOD Website

Yelena Petic
Yelena Petic
July 26, 2022
Why your Business Needs a GOOD Website? | Veza Digital

Many business owners think they have a great website and that it’s receiving plenty of traffic, in reality it comes down to statistics-Almost 82% of consumers search for a brand or product online prior to any purchases. 47% business owners think that their website is up to par or at worst they THINK THAT THE BUSINESS DOESN'T NEED A WEBSITE! 

So, when looking at statistics like this where does your business fit in? Realistically it’s not visible to any of these consumers because they are not finding your website online. 

Lets factor in why consumers are not finding your website, here are a few examples.

-Your business does not have a website (OMG) For obvious reasons this is why consumers cannot find you and your business.

-Your competitors have a superior website. This is a huge factor because the other guy is taking the time to invest into their business by providing their customers with a great website and professional online presence. Its been proven that with a small business website design companies which is easy for the customers to use and go through, provides the customer with a relaxed experience. The customer is more likely to keep continuously making purchases and recommending your website and your product or service to others be it online or on a  personal level.

-Having a solid website builds your brand and its credibility.  Branding is a crucial part of any business and it's what your business is all about. By having a well done solid website helps to build and be apart of your brand. It's showcasing your business and it’s product or service. Also having a great website design will associate your brand with status and everyone accessibility to the best of the best, and that's what a website is there to provide...an experience!

-Being accessible 24/7. There really is no major explanation for this factor but it is a big one. We are in a day and age where people want everything with a touch of a button or from a command given to siri or alexa. With a website customers will have constant access to your business from all over the world literally 24/7, with that in mind your business is able to  target a huge audience. That equals out to having more searches for your business which leads to more purchases and sales. It really benefits everyone.

-Take the time to invest into a good website design, this will build and establish your business's online presence. Yes, a website can be done for basically peanuts but by using a good web designer to create this for you can establish a different type of growth for your business. A good digital marketing team can improve your Google SEO which uses keywords and builds algorithms so when any of those almost 82% of consumers are googling and your type of product or service is being googled by these consumers your website is most likely to come up at the top of within the first few websites. SALES HAVE INCREASED PEOPLE!

All in all, a website really is apart of your business's foundation and adds so much to your credibility and value in the long run. So the time to make it really standout and showcase your business to its fullest potential. THOSE WHO SEE YOU WILL BE BUYING!

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