Stefan Katanic
December 1, 2021

Top LinkedIn Tools that are HOT Right Now

LinkedIn has over 500 million users who live and work in over 200 countries. Over half of them actively use the platform every month. That is 260 million users monthly, and out of those users, 44% log on daily - These are huge numbers that can not be ignored.

LinkedIn is where professionals go to level up in business, it is the supreme platform for companies to use to maximize their reach and get their brand across to the right prospects. 

Now with that being said, growing and running a business takes a lot of work. It can be a daunting task for any business owner and their team. LinkedIn is a wonderful place to connect and grow, and there are plenty of tools to help you do just that.

It is the go-to choice for B2B marketers

“94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to distribute content. A lot of people are on to something” - According to the Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn 

Let us show you the top LinkedIn tools that will boost your sales and completely help you amp your marketing strategy.

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

Lead Gen Forms is at the top of the LinkedIn automation tools. This tool uses pre-filled forms to gather top quality leads from your LinkedIn ad campaigns. The Lead Gen Forms integrate with Sponsored Content and Sponsored InMail campaigns. 

You will be able to collect a lead’s information such as name, email, job position, working company, qualifications and experience from their LinkedIn profiles.

It is a tracking feature that allows you to measure the cost per lead of your campaigns, number of leads, and form fill rate. 

“The Lead Gen Forms tool has helped marketers by reducing their average cost per lead by 20%.” - LinkedIn stats

Lead Gen Forms - Linkedin automation tools

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Launched by LinkedIn to easily connect buyers and sellers. This tool allows you to target the right customers and companies. As well as familiarize yourself with key lead changes and engage with your potential buyers. Here are some features below:

  • The use of an advanced algorithm to find the prospects best aligned with what you have to offer.
  • Sales insights from the sales navigator to ensure that you have the best information as a decision-maker.
  • Relationship building tools, allowing you to continually move closer to the final goal of making a sale.
Linkedin Sales Navigator - Linkedin Automation tools


LinkeLead is one of the best LinkedIn automation tools for lead generation in 2020. LinkeLead allows you to create personalized offers and message templates. You can use these templates to send a message automatically as a response to a new connection. You can also build various newsletter groups to promote your offers.


With Crystal Tools, you gain access to profiles of top personalities and it will advise you on optimal communication tactics. The tool reviews a person’s LinkedIn profile and provides you feedback along with some details on their personality. 

“Crystal gives you instant access to millions of personality profiles and free communication advice for anyone you meet.”

This helps you approach that person in the right way with right and professional words. 


LinkedIn Small Business

This tool has a 3-step approach to social selling and being a lead builder. Small businesses will find themselves on a solid path to boost sales and build trust. There is a lot to learn about the LinkedIn Small Business center, so take the time to review each feature that is available to you. Here are the three steps:

  • Establish your brand presence
  • Connect with your target audience
  • Engage them with content marketing


LeadFuze is actively used by businesses because It allows you to quickly create a list of leads and target accounts through a simple search.

Users of this tool also have access to contact information from over 200 million B2B professionals including email and phone numbers, making it simple to begin the sales process. It is easy to see that you will always have a constant supply of leads.

LeadFuze also helps you automatically send personalized emails and follow-ups.

LeadFuze_prospect_results is a lead generation software that allows you to download lead lists from LinkedIn to Excel. The ability to download to Excel is huge. Here are some examples of lists:

  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Management
  • Social Network Prospecting
  • Data Export
  • Multiple Social Network Coverage

Once you have your prospect list in place, you can move forward with emailing each and every one. Sequences from is a feature that helps you personalize outreach messages as part of your media marketing plan. You can even track your activity to help push leads through your sales funnel. 


Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are Goliath social media platforms, but they just do not offer the same level of B2B networking connections that LinkedIn does. These software tools will amp up your sales and better manage your business in so many ways. You will be better able to reach your goals and grow.

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