Stefan Katanic
December 1, 2021

Top 5 Marketing Psychology Principles

1. We want what others have.

The waters are bluer over there. Things are never good enough where you are. This lack creates a void that many people wish to fill. We want what other people have and that void as marketers exploit this. If a marketer can prove that people are happier with your product or service, they will buy the product to fill the gap. 

Think about how luxury make-up brands such as Kylie Cosmetics were able to grow so swiftly… 

2. We want what others want.

Similar to the first one of have, and with a few vital exceptions. We are social creates by nature and the two ways that we will learn is either through a first-hand expierence, or a second-hand expierence typically observing someone else do or say.  

We are wired to want what other people want because it is a survival impulse. 

Use this to your benefit in marketing by leveraging social proof, testimonials, and prove there is a desire for your product or service. 

3. Most people are lazy and will put off decisions.

Here’s the survival thing again in life. We have a limited amount of energy in our bodies and minds. 

At a basic level, we subconsciously want to preserve energy because of a fear that we may need it if a threat occurs. The key here is that people are always looking for an easier way to do things. Use this knowledge when building a product or service, you want your buyer to be buying into the EASE of getting a job done. 

As a marketer use this in a way to verify that your product or service helps the buyer get something done, faster, better and with much less effort than before. 

People will put off hard decisions as long as they possibly can. Make it easier for them. 

4. People are triggered by greed and self-interest.

You want what’s best for you, totally natural. Yes, this does mean that people only care what you can do for them and that can be complex as a business judgment or can be as simple as a good feeling around them. 

By positioning your product or service in a way that helps them fulfill their self-interest while satisfying your own. The dynamic is what both parties will capitalize on. 

Apply this to your branding. 

5. People are readily influenced by the notion of others.

This is always a matter of years of social conditioning in schools when you were growing up and learning how to conform to school. We give authority up to other people because it’s easier than to stand on your own.  

People in business when in search of a product or service will unconsciously, and usually without knowing, give their power up to people who possess a stronger sense of themselves. 

When your prospect goes out into the market searching, they’re in need. Every solution will look suitable and be of interest. That is precisely why most SaaS businesses have a personal touch to it. Someone to guide their decision with assurance. 


Consistency is the only way to out dust your competition. When the buyer wants the information to consume for their own entertainment or benefit, and the competition hasn’t shown up, and you do? You’ll triumph.

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