Yelena Petic
December 1, 2021

Successful Digital Marketing Trends To Follow In 2022

Marketing has always been at the forefront of getting a business and its name and brand out to the masses.

In 2022 marketing will have to take on a twist in creating effective branding with captivating storytelling and tactics which need to be measured to truly see the success of the specific story that was being told.

As digital marketers, we can longer rely on hashtags and retargeting campaigns.

Potent marketing will now have to be executed with both long and short-term thinking, this is why powerful storytelling is at the heartbeat of any campaign success this year. 

Victorious digital marketing campaigns will have to take on a new light and below are the most fruitful digital marketing trends you need to follow in order to stay ahead of the competition in 2022. 

1. Video Marketing Trumps All

There is a reason why video marketing is at the top of this digital marketing 2022 trend list.

First, let us talk about numbers…and there are a lot of really big numbers.

Google let it be known that video platform giant Youtube reaches more 18-49 yr olds than any other cable network in the US alone. 

Another astonishing number is globally 1 billion hours of content is watched on Youtube every single day. 

Facebook data says the video posts on the platform get six times more engagement than any photo, links, etc. 

Last but certainly not least Twitter reports a 67% increase in video views from the beginning of 2021 to year-end…not to mention Twitter gets over 2 billion video views daily. 

Are you impressed yet? 

Because you need to be!

The reality is if you haven't been integrating much video marketing in your campaign strategies it is time to step it up in 2022.

Without a solid video marketing strategy, you will be losing out on the opportunity to target, connect and build trust behind any name and brand (regardless of what you are selling).

Video marketing allows for a hopefully authentic view and personal human touch and voice behind a brand.

This will most definitely help to build brand awareness, credibility, and increase loyalty from the target audience.

2. Content Marketing is Still the King of Kings

Content is king. 

We all know this already but in 2022, digital marketers need to understand that the competition is crazier than ever, and it will be imperative to break from the cluster and clutter that is out there on the web.

Content marketing has allowed for the path to connect and engage with customers like nothing else but the key is the content needs to be true and I mean truly well written and well told.

It is all about keywords and tags and titles but it needs to be delivered in an authentic, creative and engaging way. 

Why you may ask, to specifically connect with potential customers and build a better brand image around the products or services being sold.

Fake anything and boring repetition won't cut it, customers can see past the rose-colored glasses and bad content is simply bad business.

Well done content essentially builds credibility and when you acquire new leads it will get them to take action and turn them into a real customer. 

But this only happens when the story that has been told is truthful with relative information that is engaging and entertaining.

Well planned and well-executed storytelling will help a business transform into what a consumer desires and will want to engage with on so many different levels.

The words that are written need to tell a story that shines in the right places to the right people and this is why content marketing will be as big as ever in 2022.

4. Data Analytics Amp Up in 2022

Data analytics and a serious focus around this are vital in 2022. 

Marketing teams will need to rely on data analytics and metrics as they never have before because clients are more informed and want to be more directly involved and engaged in their digital marketing efforts than ever before.

Your clients want to know what is going on, and this means you need to be able to show in detail where their money is going and how the results have been measured.

They want to know if you are making the right decisions for their campaigns and who these campaigns are actually targeting.

This all comes down to budget, performance, and ROI.

Regardless, digital marketers need to be able to have access to an array of data and numbers to be able to target the right audience to truly understand the mindset of these people in order to properly engage with them.

This will get and keep campaigns on the right path to ultimate success and major ROI.

5. Social Media Content 2.0

Both social media and digital marketing have changed quite a bit in a really short amount of time. 

Facebook and Instagram have had to make changes real quick to be able to keep with video platform heavy-hitter TikTok.

With people swiping through feeds faster than you can say “check me out” it has become increasingly difficult for brands to get a potential customer to stop and take notice.

Digital marketers need to really focus on a storytelling approach in replacement of the old hard-sell approach because it is dead and simply no longer applies.

And going back to digital marketing trend #1 video marketing, social media has shifted from single images being the mainstream for advertisements to videos taking over everything. 

High-quality visuals are at the heart of social media campaigns to get your message across to the right people and capture their interest.

Digital marketers will have to shift their attention to create more visually appealing content that tells an interesting story to engage their potential customers.

6. Customer Wants & Needs Need to Become A Major Focus

It's not all about the product or service being front and center anymore. 

Of course, the product or service is the reason why customers are coming to the websites and buying but what will keep a customer long term is the customer care and attention behind the brand and its product or service.

With all the huge amounts of data, digital marketers are able to collect and use to know all about the target audience, it is imperative to use this information to give the customers what they want and need.

The information is there for the taking.

And by using it to tune into the target audience and give personalized experiences changes the way you a company keeps its customer base loyal, which ultimately will increase revenue in a big way.

An example of this is not to just shove a product or service in the potential customers face. 

A Marketer can focus on what the client actually wants and needs and work on showing off features and solutions for the customer and not focus so much on the hard sell of the product or service.

Customers want to be approached as people, not as customers or basic money bags. 

With this knowledge, your digital marketing team needs to work on customer relationships by building value in the customer experience and the care that goes with it.

This UX of a website was a serious digital marketing trend in 2021 but in 2022 the shift towards personalized customer care is the heart of great customer service.

This will increase conversion rates like never before.

The Takeway

In 2002, digital marketers needed to evolve from just being sellers and shift their efforts to educate the people they were targeting. 

The look, function, and appeal of something are important but the people (potential customers) want to know everything. 

Simply put, they want to learn about what they are potentially buying.

This mentality or way of thinking needs to apply to all of the above trends hand in hand.

So when you tell your stories to your target audience in 2022, remember that the wants and needs of your customer need to be executed with a flare of entertainment and education.

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