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Promote and Grow Your eCommerce Shop in 2022

Laurel Orr
  • 13min
November 5, 2022
E-Commerce is on an exponential rise this year and set to exceed anything we have ever seen before. Click to read more about it!

E Commerce is on an exponential rise this year and set to exceed anything we have ever seen before. With Boohoo and ASOS buying out some huge high-street brands, we can guess that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Get ahead and promote your eCommerce shop so you can grow as big as possible and ride the wave of the online market boom.


Plan and research everything that you do, and have a reason behind every move you make. Stay positive and write out a business plan, a marketing plan, an advertising plan. Set yourself goals and celebrate when you hit them. Be your best friend within your business and keep working hard to achieve everything you hope for.

Look at other businesses and run analytic software on your sites and old content to ensure you have a plan that won't fail you.

2.Budget for Plan

Think of an amount of money that you could inject into your business and use it wisely. Many small businesses use too much or too little investment money. Put aside cash for your website, your content, and your targeted advertising. Make sure you spend it and don't feel like you can make it without a bit of capital. If you don't have a lot of money, there are expenditures that you can shave off from other parts of your business and invest in this.

3.Use Free Tools

Saving money when creating an eCommerce website is as easy as spending it. However, many online tools are free to use, which will save you money in the long run.

  • LogoCreator – Design your logo for free. Choose from templates, coloured backgrounds, and different styles. This saves you a wallet full of cash from using an expensive designer.
  • Free Web Store – This is a free online store website that is simple to set up with templates. It has many options available for different kinds of sites, and – most importantly, it has a shopping basket that is free to use.
  • Google Analytics – The free tools here are invaluable for small businesses. It tracks and analyses information related to marketing from across Google that people can use.


Optimize all your content and posts to make sure you climb the rankings on Google and get to the top. Make yourself as searchable and findable as possible. Ensure you update your sites regularly, so you are they have updated information and links that work.

Make your site easy to use and have excellent customer service if anything does go wrong. Be a personable business owner and relate to your customers.

5.Chose a Niche

Make sure that what you are selling is what people want. Promote the right products to the right people and ensure that you aren't promoting something that people are unlikely to want to use.

Don't promote hiking boots to mother and baby groups or nappies to animal lover groups. You are unlikely to find customers. Always think about what you are selling and how you will promote it before investing in the actual product.

Be sure that you have a passion and love to struggle through with your business, don't start something feeling half-hearted about it just because it is trending. Find the option for you and run with it, pumping passion and energy, and forethought into it as you move forwards. Do not give up and always pursue your dreams no matter how far from them you feel. It will surprise you as you get ever closer, then one day you get that lucky break, and it has all been worth it.

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