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How To Use Social Networks Effectively To Reach Your Full Potential

Uma Lamouchi
  • 13min
Social Media
November 5, 2022
The most effective way to build a strong social network is by building a profile that speaks for your potential. Read more about it!

The most effective way to build a strong social network is by building a profile that speaks for your potential and showcases your skills to their fullest extent.

We will go through the steps to achieving an online presence of quality that will constantly grow your network.

Let's Start With Your Profile

Your profile is a practical way to showcase your competency and capabilities. The first impression to potential clients would be made from the profile consultation, so it’s your best bet to make a good impression.

Three main pointers into creating a consistent and impressive profile:

  1. Profile Photo: The most common mistake is to underestimate the power of a high quality, and professional profile picture.  Make your profile picture an image that is focused on your face, without any background scenery or distractions.  Sticking to a plain colored backdrop or wall is the best. 
  2.  Profile Header: Search for the best background that goes with your skills, consider it as the first page to your presentation. You also have the option to create your own and showcase your creativity. 
  3. Resume: Most of the resumes out there are simply boring or just too long and there is no way that people are going to waste their time reading it (sorry, but it’s true). Try to put a personal touch into it, attract the attention of others by showcasing one of your previous experiences you had where you shined, and explain what you can do for your future customers.

You can choose to follow this pattern "This is what I did for our client X, this is what we do as a company, this is a moment where I gave value to a client” and so on.  Include a link to your meeting calendar so it’s easy for people to set up a time to talk with you or simply attach your contact information (your email, website, etc) so that they can get in touch with you.  

What sets you apart from other profiles is your uniqueness and your writing style. Focus on standing out by showing your individuality, what changed you and made you a better version of yourself. 

Make Your Own Unique Brand

Choosing an effective strategy to promote yourself can be a little tricky. On social networks, you might opt for simple automated messaging. It may bring you the results that you want, but it will always be more short term than you want. Besides, surely at some point, it will become annoying if used multiple times.  

Consider trying other platforms and ways to communicate, like audio messages, video messages, and phone calls. 

Engage, engage, and engage more on social networks. You want people to notice you and know what's happening in your daily life (just don’t get too personal). Share content, comment on other people’s posts, post articles related to what you are doing, respond to your messages quickly, and be active. One more important initiative you must consider is to create your own personal brand. Define your personality, in what category of people do you fall, depending on your career choices. 

Do you aspire for innovation, leadership, or to become the best service provider in your niche? It’s important to always be consistent in your content and give the impression that you are up to date with the latest trends and show that you’re working on developing your skills to achieve your evolving goals. If you are into creative and inspirational work, choose to showcase what you have been working on or share the things that inspire you most. Use tags to mention your customers and even post some recommendations or thank you notes to show care and appreciation.  

Sales Pipeline Automation:  Is It Worth It?

Sales pipeline automation or sales autopilot is trending on social media. It's a term used by salesmen and marketers when they can talk and persuade you about whatever, whenever, and wherever. However, it may have negative outcomes.  So beware!

You don't want to seem too pushy or forceful. Take it easy and slowly, look for another approach to reach your targeted audience, a smarter and more professional approach where content should be focused on quality instead of quantity. Use the platform as a way to communicate with people rather than to force your ideas upon them. Make people familiar with your brand and help them find a link between what you have to offer and what they are looking for. Liking, commenting, and reacting to their posts is the most effective way to attract and retain them. Try to be a "Friend" instead of a salesperson. 

Study And Research

What makes you familiar to someone other than knowing them personally? Study their profile from the resume to their previous work experiences and find out what they want to post and talk about.

The research you will be doing when consulting someone's profile could establish a significant connection with the potential client. Being prepared for a possible meeting or even a simple conversation is always important in every situation. Find the shared points, people you know in common, subjects that they are interested in and build promising conversations.

Get out there, be open and creative with your approach, and figure out the prosperous message that can give you an advantage over your peers and possibly create a bond with your prospects.

Consistency Is Key

Keep in mind that in order to have an impactful online presence, you need recurrent and consistent content.  Uploading content frequently makes yourself noticeable and keeps the people in touch with what you are up to daily. 

You might want to consider using a tool that helps keep you updated with the latest content, ideas, and innovations. There are many ways to be in touch with what is going on all over, subscribe to newsletters, social media latest feeds, and stay informed with the newest trends.  

Create a trend by interviewing experts in your field of work, ask the right questions, and post it to your profile. There is no limit to creativity, you can be inspired by millions of great people and thousands of different subjects.  Just be creative and keep your mind open to learning new things! The bottom line is to start posting and engaging, simple as that! If two or three times a day is too much for you then try to schedule your posts using programs like,, or Hootsuite! You may want to limit your posts to once a day, that’s completely fine!

Just keep it flowing, let the people know that you are a dynamic and productive person, and they will be impressed! Good luck 😊

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