How to Start a Profitable Marketing Agency in 2022

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Stefan Katanic
May 26, 2022
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Are you thinking about starting your own marketing agency? Maybe you're attracted to the cashflow potential that agencies have to offer, or the low start-ups cost. It’s fairly simple to start, but not easy.

01. Social Media Marketing Agency

Businesses now more than ever need a social media presence. I remember when I was down in Brazil last week and me and my friends, we’re looking for beach clubs and places to chill by the beach. We searched online and yeah, we found a bunch of outdated websites, but when we checked out their social media channels like Instagram, it was popping off. It literally sold us on the experience we can have there. It was well optimized and a call to action to hit them up on WhatsApp was the closing part.

You can start a social media marketing agency and offer your clients content planning, production and promotion. You have to think outside of the box, and not just go on and create a generic post for them to post on their social media channels. Companies all around the world are investing hundreds of millions of dollars in their social media presence. And if you are GOOD, and I mean GOOD. People will pay you.

02. No-code Agency

This year it will be considered one of the top three types of agencies that will gain a lot of traction. We’re moving to no-code, which means people who lack the experience of coding, like myself, can easily build online products and websites. Integration payment processors, upload content with ease. Start-ups, mostly those who want speed in creating new pages, are the most attracted to this. If you can position yourself as a builder of no-code for companies who want an online business, then you can easily charge $5000 - $10,000 on the low end to get a product out there. Post-launch, this is your opportunity to upsell. Learn more about No-Code Agency.

03. Facebook Ads Agency

The amount of leads we have that request, Facebook Ads has increased 10x since this time last year. We find the trend that a lot of companies are moving from “boosting posts” to actually advertising special offers to their customers and potential customers. I think we’ll see niche-specific Facebook Ads Agencies popping up. I’d suggest focusing on Content Media companies, eCommerce, and of course NFTs. These three segments might have the biggest growth for Facebook Ads Agencies in 2022.

How to fulfill these digital marketing services?

You can use a white-label marketing agency or hire your own internal team using websites like Upwork  or LinkedIn.

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