Stefan Katanic
December 1, 2021

How To Choose the Right CRM and Marketing Automation

First of all, let's start off by differentiating what is a CRM and what is Marketing Automation. 

Many business owners think that they are the same thing or just very similar and this can prevent a business owner from making the proper investments needed to expand and accelerate their business. 

It is wise to educate yourself and understand the differentiation between the two because it will allow you to have a better comprehension of the benefits of both to your business.

In a nutshell, customer relationship management or CRM is a technology tool that helps businesses connect with their customers and potential future customers. 

How does this work you may ask? 

Well, it’s basically an organization tool to help build and regulate functionality between all the departments within your marketing, sales, human resources, and customer service teams. 

Basically having these teams connected allows for no interference or miscommunication on campaigns for customer relations. 

Each department team is able to see what is going on in each campaign and having each other to better build on, this will allow for an efficient plan of action to target then feed and fuel those customers and the relationships your business is building with them.


There is no confusion or lack of communication between teams therefore things are being run to their fullest efficacy. It has been proven to have tremendous benefits towards relationships between the business and its customers. 

Now Marketing Automation is also a technology tool that enables your business to optimize its fullest efficacy towards its marketing campaigns. This allows your marketing team to build and nurture its customer leads as well as gain the interest of new customers by first engaging them and then capturing them. 

Marketing automation will deliver constant analytics on your customer’s behavior this will allow your business to have key insight on which type of marketing campaigns to carry out. It automates marketing tasks such as social media, blogs, and emails to be delivered based on data collected through campaigns. Thus making your customers love your business

Consistency is the keyword here and it's all relative to the great data collected.

When choosing what type of CMR and Marketing Automation it comes down a few things to look into what will serve your business to its fullest potential here are some factors to help you determine what to look for.

  1. Set out and Define the Goals you Want to Achieve in your Business

This will help you set up the parameters of what your end game is. 

Be realistic about your expectations it will help push your business in the right direction of which type of CRM and Marketing Automation technology you choose and which will best serve your business's end goals. 

When doing your research towards what type of digital marketing firm to work with make sure the firms that you have decided to research have goals for you and your business. 

The firm should be able to have a plan of action to attain your specific goals, wants and needs as well as theirs towards your business. 

Working together and having an open and fluid relationship will have a tremendous effect on your end goals, in this case, everyone benefits all the way. 

  1. Do your Research about the Digital Marketing Firm your Interested in   

Get to know the people behind the company name. (Winners in Business)

Look into previous marketing campaigns and the numbers that follow. 

Ask questions about how they envision their plan of action and what do they see being most attainable in gaining new and consistent customers and what sales profits maybe like from investing in their firm. 

Don't hesitate to ask questions regarding budget and future integration that may be needed as your business grows. 

These are all viable and important to you and how it will affect your business.

Also asking to see demos of other active businesses and how the digital marketing firm is working with them (what’s there plan, has it been a success, etc). 

It's important to see all ways of utilizing these two technologies and seeing its effect on other business it will open your eyes to more knowledge. 

Once you have chosen what type of CRM and Marketing Automation suits your business and its needs it will more than help your business to develop and grow. 

How fast your business will grow ;)

Remember your not in this alone you will have a great digital marketing team directing the flow and pace and they will be your front line. 

At the end of it all, whatever you decide to invest into is just that, an investment that will nourish and help your business flourish. 

Here is a list of 5 top CRM’s we recommend


P.S. Veza Digital is a Certified HubSpot Partner 

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