Yelena Petic
December 1, 2021

How To Build Value Towards Getting A YES!

Attracting clients towards your business and the services you offer can be a tough sell, getting an actual yes is another challenge in itself.

Selling your client digital services is an art and there is the value behind each and every time a client says ‘Yes’.

The word yes has the power to help both sides get more of what they want. 

By listening closely, treating the client fairly, and jointly exploring options to increase value to a potential client’s business is the real value that both sides seek.

Top 5 ways to build value towards getting that YES:

  • Know who your ideal clients are 
  • Have genuine client interactions
  • Treat the client like they are number 1
  • Know what you’re offering
  • Refine your value proposition

Know Who Your Ideal Clients Are

Before you make an appointment or have that first crucial meeting, you should do your absolute best to find out what you can about the potential client’s business and the person to whom you are targeting your digital services to. 

The Internet is an excellent place to start. 

Check out social media sites like LinkedIn and Twitter and visit any pertinent websites and blogs. 

Look for specific information on how your services can benefit the business.

You will need to find out if they have something similar already in place, and, if they do, be prepared to discuss why your service is better for them.

Find out all you can about your market. Regardless of how great your product is, no one will know about it if you do not target the right people. 


White label services allow you to give a full menu of service options for your potential client to say yes to.

Conduct your own market research to find out how effective your services are, and how beneficial it will be to that client and their business.

The more personal you can make your message, the better it will be received. 

Have Genuine Client Interactions

How can you find out your client's needs if you are doing all the talking? 

Let's face it, we all like to talk about ourselves and we all have egos. 

This is why if you can turn the tables by asking open-ended questions that get your customers talking about themselves, you will have opened a very important door to winning that yes.

By truly listening to your clients’ responses to their wants and business needs and asking some appropriate follow-up questions, you will get to know them as a person.

You put off an ‘im not just as a dollar sign’ vibe and that you see the client as a person.

In return, the client will feel more comfortable and much more focused on the good things about doing business with your company.

That is truly putting the value behind the client saying yes.

Treat The Client Like They Are Number 1

Nothing says VIP like having someone roll out the red carpet for you and then take you on a tour. 

However, you also do not want to suffocate your clients. 

Finding the right balance of personal attention without crossing the line into pushiness may seem tricky, but it is really about letting them know you are there for them and their needs. 

Be visible and available so they know you are there to help them. Greet them by name and make them feel like they are your top priority.

It adds a human touch to the whole experience.

They will feel valued as a result, and it may be exactly what brings them back to do repeat business with you and add other digital services. Whenever you can, thank your clients for doing business with you. Again, you do not want to overdo it because it will come across as fake. Always be genuine when you thank them because your client can spot a fake, which may cause them to feel lied to or used. If you want to win a client’s yes and customer loyalty you need to be authentic.

If you have a few clients who are very loyal to you and do a lot of business with you, create a VIP list of just those individuals. You could host a special pricing sale just for them, or surprise them with a special gift that would appeal to them. You still want to treat all of your clients and customers like royalty.

Having a VIP list simply acknowledges the volume of business some of your clients do with you and thanks to them for their patronage.

70% of the customer's journey is based on how the customer feels they are being treated. -McKinsey

Know Your What You Are Offering

It is hard to get someone excited about what you are selling if you are not excited about it yourself. Know your product or service inside-out, backward and forwards before you make a sales call. Anticipate questions and be ready with concrete, meaningful answers. In addition to any pertinent facts and figures, share examples of how your service has helped other people and their businesses improve and how they have improved. The secret is to talk about your services in a way that draws in clients so that they want to be part of what you offer.  A good way to achieve this is through the power of storytelling. Share real examples of how your digital services have changed and improved people's businesses. Talk about how using your digital services makes things less stressful, more fun, or more meaningful. 

It's hard to say "no" to something inspirational.

Loyal customers are five times more likely to purchase again and four times more likely to refer a friend to the company. -XM Institute

Refine Your Value Proposition

Consider all the businesses out there offering exactly what you offer. With similar digital services, potential clients have no choice but to make a subjective choice.  Your value proposition is where you win them over.  You need to communicate what makes you different, and continually work to increase that value proposition to set yourself apart. 

You can do that through:

  • Identifying what you’re good at and owning it
  • Make your value proposition clear in all your communications
  • Quantify your value with real data
  • Communicate the benefits of your service so clients can see the value

Treat people well. In some cases, you have to treat people better than they may even deserve. Putting real effort into making your clients feel special can have amazing rewards for your business. That yes is within reach, once you add value behind it.

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