Uma Lamouchi
December 1, 2021

Everything You Need To Know About Starting A Direct To Consumer Brand

When thinking about selling products online, you might end up with multiple choices, from using a big retail platform that sells just about everything, to specialized e-commerce websites based on your product, to launching your own e-commerce. 

While starting a direct to consumer brand might seem as a tough decision to make, there are good reasons for you to consider it as your ultimate option.

DTC Post Pandemic 

The pandemic shifted the way consumers perceive online shopping. 

Direct to consumer brands sales had grown during the lockdown and drastically increased by 24.3% from the previous year. Brands like HEINZ and LINDT that are usually sold by retailers changed their strategy by adopting the consumer to brand initiative and launched their e-commerce just days after the pandemic.

By 2021 ecommerce is expected to account for 6.6% of all CPG sales, and the DTC movement accounts for 40% of the sales growth in the sector.

Since the coronavirus pandemic affected most of e-commerce platforms' supply chain, DTC brands were somehow excluded from this problem since they were able to have control over their supplies and customers’ demands. 

As a conclusion, don’t leave the fate of your brand in the hands of your retail partner.

Selling Direct to consumer is easier than you think

Knowing your brand is the key to launching a DTC business.

What differentiates you from any other brands would give you an edge over your competitors and most importantly make the audience look for you. If you have a personal attachment to your brand, you are most likely to give a mission statement that is consistent and genuine which in return might become personal to your audience too. 

All you need next to start your DTC brand is to set different platforms so that you can communicate your brand with potential customers. 

An expert shopify developer would give you an advantage with customized content and tools that will allow the audience to understand your brand’s voice and be reached out. 

Engaging with customers

Grow relationships, gather data, and build a stronger brand. 

Though managing client data might seem as an easy task, without the proper marketing strategy your efforts might have different outcomes.

Integrating Klaviyo with shopify is the best solution to manage all the relevant data about your clients. Giving you personalized marketing solutions, It creates a stronger relationship with your clients through powerful email segmentation and delivery. 

To engage with your customers and generate more sales using this solution, you would need a better understanding of your clients and a strong communication plan based on your brand and customers.

Launching your direct to consumer brand will yield greater results when you keep in mind that you need to invest time and effort for your digital marketing needs. Develop a website with all the proper tools and attract an audience that generates sales. 

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