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5 Habits That Will Kill Your Productivity

Stefan Katanic
  • 13min
November 4, 2022
As an agency owner/director, the decisions you make impact the whole company - read this article to see if you're impacting your company negatively.

Let’s face it - we all want to feel as if we’re making a difference in our day-to-day work schedule in our agencies and sometimes that work can feel overwhelming because you want to work on your agency and continue to grow it while at the same time flexing your creative muscles on the backend production or putting out fires. I’m going to lay out what I do on a daily basis that has helped me manage my time and ultimately be productive on balancing my work schedule, working on Veza Digital and within the agency, everything from delivery, marketing, hiring, money, and whatever else may come up day-to-day.

Not having a work routine

If you work whenever you “feel like working” and if this is a habit that you are struggling with today, then you are setting yourself up for complete failure. A disciplined work routine is essential for getting your mind into high productive gear. Doing your work whenever you feel like it gives too much control to your emotions, and in business, as you should know, you can’t let your feelings or emotions take over, or else you’ll be an undisciplined wreck. I’d suggest starting with a morning routine that is easy.

  1. Wake up before sunrise
  2. Meditate/Journal
  3. Read - can be personal development, business, or anything to help you advanced
  4. Plan your day (I usually do this the evening before)
  5. Work out and break a sweat
  6. Start working

It’s small habits that eventually compound into either positives or negatives. I would highly recommend the book by Darren Hardy called The Compound Effect.

Doing 10 things instead of 2 things

As a director or agency owner. You have ownership and you need to start thinking like an owner. Your attention and time should be spent on 1 or 2 of your highest priority tasks instead of the many tasks that are normally presented throughout the day. Remember that wherever you are giving energy will grow. Ask yourself, what would you like to grow?

  1. Revenue - Focus on sales and creating offers
  2. Operations - Speak to team about problems which you then will find solutions for
  3. Marketing - Create campaigns that bring in leads to an offer page
  4. Delivery - Hire an expert who can manage and lead teams
  5. Strategy - Plan your next 5 moves
  6. Team Morale - Build rapport with your members
  7. Divisions - Find the best person and hire them to build a team

Not improving yourself

The worst thing you can do is not learn each and every day or train your body to be in shape or ideally it’s peak performance. What you put in is what you put out. And it’s true, whenever I work out and read on a consistent basis, I myself find that I'm able to think wider and perform better. It’s a habit that I struggled with in the beginning, and throughout my years, I’ve set-up small daily habits that include improving myself. Here are some of my top improvements that you can start today:

  1. Read daily for 10 minutes; this can be books, Kindles, articles or audio books
  2. Lift heavy weights and feel the pump
  3. Journal your ideas and plans
  4. Sign up to MasterClass and watch an episode a day about a topic that interests you
  5. Write down 10 ideas per day on how you can improve yourself

Hanging out with the wrong crowd

Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future. If you are friends with 5 people who are multi-millionaires, your chances of becoming one are much higher than if you had 5 people who hung out at the bar every weekend. As an entrepreneur, and hustler who sees risk as opportunity, you need to surround yourself with a global network of people with capabilities that can match your needs and vice-versa. These are people who bring you up just by their stories, experience, and tactical know-how in everyday business. Remember networks are built on value.

  1. What value can you provide?
  2. Get friends by being a friend

Letting fear or disdain control you

Fear and anxiety can paralyze us into being passive. Fear of failure is the barrier that you have to fight everyday in order to pursue your dreams, and the fear of putting yourself out there influences the choices you make in life and in business. Meditation practices can help with this. You need to get yourself in the right mindset and visualize how you want your life to be and go after that vision.

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