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2022: Apply These Lead Generation Strategies

Yelena Petic
  • 13min
November 5, 2022
When thinking of B2B Lead Generation, many strategies can be brought up and thought and discussed. Click here to learn more about them!

When thinking of B2B Lead Generation many strategies can be brought up and thought of and discussed but really will be able to affect your bottom line. Let's break down some of the more successful B2B Lead Generations strategies that will help to propel your sales team to get into a better active role with your people (potential customers)  and your business for your absolute most successful year yet.


LinkedIn is an amazing platform to connect with over 500+ million people. LinkedIn is the go-to site for career-centric people who are able to share constant new content and is used as a tool for B2B Lead Generation companies.

Studies have shown that LinkedIn is the top choice of many successful CEOs as their go-to social media sites.

If your a young business just starting out or are in need of a business boost this the platform you should be exploring and using it to build your audience.

You can leverage LinkedIn Sales Navigator to identify the companies you want to work with and better yet, identify the people working at those companies. It’s one of the top ways to build an audience of prospects.


LeadIQ has changed the way we do sales prospecting because it provides a fast and efficient way of gathering contact and user data from LinkedIn to be able to get yours leads emails and other contact information you would like your sales team to prospect.

This tool allows your sales team to streamline and filter what leads to focus on and which ones not to. When your sales team is not wasting their time on leads that are obsolete or unusable the sales team can spend more time nurturing and building on the prospects that really do matter to your business and its success.

How to use LeadIQ?

  1. Go to LinkedIn Sales Navigator and start a search for your ideal prospects
  2. Enable LeadIQ and create a campaign around those prospects
  3. Let LeadIQ do its job in finding key contact information about your prospects

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is here to stay it is tried, tested and true if it’s combined through Marketing Automation it's a sure-fire thing. Data collected from your CRM lets the Marketing Automation send emails to specific customers allowing for a personalized approach and touch.

These types of tools allow your marketing and sales team to be focused and constantly updated on what emails are going out and to whom and all data collected from emails will again be processed to further organize the next steps needed to have a continuous relationship with the potential new customers.

Here are our top email marketing software for sales teams

  1. MixMax
  2. Get Response
  3. HubSpot Marketing

Additional resources:  Email Marketing Made Simple: A Step by Step Guide [+ …

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation truly is a driving force behind your sales team because it allows the sales team to nurture leads that matter. When your sales team has clear data that's been collected that information regarding potential new customers or existing customers can help the team know exactly where to focus and build on these relationships. It has been proven to boost sales and keep sales funneling on a consistent basis. Many sales teams can quickly notice the benefits of Marketing Automation and the direct positive effect it has on sales campaigns.

Marketing automation platforms such as HubSpot are designed in a way to help your marketing team nurture prospects and turn them into sales opportunities by leveraging automated communications based on triggers, automation Re-Targeting ads based on user engagement and developing marketing campaigns to help them move up the sales funnel and into a sales opportunity.

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Well, there you have it a quick but efficient overview of B2B Lead Generations for 2022.

Keep in mind this is one piece, but its an important one of the pie. Having the right digital marketing firm behind will put all those pieces together with you to allow your business to grow and thrive. Cheers to new leads and sales.

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