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Do you have clients who want Web Design services but your agency can't handle the job? Enter Veza Digital, the global leader in White Label Web Design services.

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Our agency has helped many leading companies meet their goals with tailored solutions. Our hands-on approach ensures a personalized plan for each client's needs while delivering consistent results.

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We offer a variety of White Label SEO Services. Whatever type your agency needs to fulfill their clients' requests, our solutions will be tailored just for them.


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No matter what level you're at, from startup to enterprise we have a low monthly fee that allows you to access our impressive services and all the tools we provide you.


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Frequently Asked Questions.

How do Our White Label Web Design Services work?

As your white label partner, we realize that we represent you and your business. That is why we treat all of our white label web design projects as though they were our very own and take them seriously. All of our web designers and SEO analysts are experienced and knowledgeable in their specialized fields. You can be confident in knowing that we can take care of any web design project, any size from startups to large scale - because it is essential for us to make sure that the work reflects who you are at your core.

What Kinds of Websites we Can Handle?

We can handle all aspects of your project that you need to be fulfilled. From graphic web design to creating landing pages, from technical audits, to SEO campaigns, we can do whatever it takes to keep your clients satisfied, including working directly with your clients.

What Are the Benefits of Reselling White Label Web Designs?

Reselling white label web designs can bring new services and products to your business in a blink of an eye. Our white label websites are generally fully integrated, and ready-to-sell and are easy to brand. You don’t have to spend any time or money on research, design and development. Just add your branding and get selling.

Easy to keep customers happy. A customer usually has an end goal, such as having a good website. By reselling white label web design services you give your customers access to an immediate solution. Your customer does not have to wait for you to set up a design studio. You are ready to get going immediately, which means no loss of customers.

Reselling web designs also saves you time and money and leaves you to focus on your core business. No matter how easy you think it is to set up a web design business and your kid brother is so creative and can do a bit of code, your customers will want a more sophisticated solution than some kid can scratch together for you. Web design has grown up. Or at least for those who want a professional one.

Overall, bringing a white label web design agency on board allows you to focus on your business while adding a service that your customers will like. You can also add your mark-up to the web design project, allowing you to make a fair amount of money.

Is White Label Website Design The Right Choice For you?

It depends on your business, but one thing you can count on is FDM delivering quality. FDM is a white label web design partner who can deliver jaw-dropping web design projects on budget, on time, and to high customer satisfaction. We do the heavy lifting while you get all the glory. We work out individual wholesale pricing rates for our white label partners on a per-job basis, so you know exactly what you’re getting in advance. You will be able to mark up your websites significantly with our wholesale website pricing. Veza Digital is the only team you need. Outsource to experts who can deliver a great product to you. Generate revenue without all the hassle of an in-house studio.

How Can Our White Label Web Design Agency Help You Grow?

Veza Digital, as your White-label agency will save you the hassle of multiple outsourcing teams for different client accounts. It supports your company to take on more web design projects, while allowing you to focus on what you do best, and explore other sources of revenue while we take care of your clients' website designs.

With an expansive portfolio, it follows that you will attract more clients. The added offerings from a white label agency let you pitch to a broader audience. You also save clients from the clutter of having to consult multiple firms.

People pay for convenience, which is precisely what business owners should strive for when serving their customers. In the long-run, white-labeling website designs helps seal the deal with high-profile prospects, launching you ahead of the competition. Watch your business grow exponentially with the help of a legitimate White Label web design and web development agency.

What Makes our White Label Website Designs Services Different?

We give you the option to package our web design services as your own easily, and it is entirely branded for your business.

We have everything your customer needs. Our white label services include website design & development, website maintenance & hosting, website management & updates, migration, and more.

Web design resellers love the fact that they can get web design and search marketing services under one roof. We go above and beyond to provide you and your clients physically attractive and functional custom-fit web design.

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#1 White Label agency

Give your clients industry leading websites

Do you have clients who want Web Design services but your agency can't handle the job? Enter Veza Digital, the global leader in White Label Web Design services.