How we drove over 200K app downloads in under 2 months

Client Overview

ShopBack is the leading cashback reward program available throughout the Asia-Pacific region with more than 5 million members on its platform. It allows online shoppers to receive a small percentage of their purchases on the platform, paid for through merchant affiliate programs.

ShopBack's Objective

ShopBack wanted to reach new engaged users and diversify their acquisition channels in the Philippines. Their objectives were two-fold: to increase the number of downloads of their mobile app on APP store (both iOS and Android) and to improve ROI on their site. ShopBack collaborated with our team to reach new users likely to be interested in their service of cashback on different well-known brands.

The Challenge

The main challenges that we were tasked with solving are increasing user acquisition, and increasing the average order value of customers by targeting our ads to the right individuals.


Display Ads

Creative Design


THE Solution

Smart Acquisition Channels

Lowering cost per acquisition through smart creative assets

Our marketing team ran a different set of creatives to increase first the volume of downloads, but also to increase the revenue on Lazada and Shopee. On the banners, 3 things were clear: the category, the eCommerce platform, and the CTA.

Work With Us

Optimizing advertising networks

Optimizing our global inventory through our Ad Networks was the best way to help ShopBack to get other sources of traffic. After all the creative sizes were made, we started to display them using our online display ads in the Philippines, targeting both IOS and Android users. The advantage of using an ad network is simple: First, that it helps to reach a new audience, but also it provides a cheaper CPA in the long run. Along with driving traffic, our goal was to increase the conversion rate through smart placement.

Work With Us


See The Difference



App Installs


App Ranking


Before Veza

After Veza

Our process is easy as 1, 2, 3.

Funnel Optimization

Before we start spending money to drive traffic - we have to make sure it's being sent to the right place, and your digital assets are ready to convert. We're very serious about the whole funnel, so we'll ensure everything is tip-top before starting to drive traffic.

Traffic Generation

Now that your funnel is perfectly optimized, it's visibility time. We look at your target market to create our ideal audiences to start the campaign, and use these first visitors to generate quantifiable insights.

Continuous Improvement

At Veza Digital, our culture is about continuous growth - and we apply that mentality to your marketing campaigns. We constantly analyze the data and make tweaks across the board in order to boost your ROAS.

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