Making pre-construction a safe investment

Pre-construction real estate can be an amazing investment, but there are lots of rules surrounding what you can & can't do before it's finished construction- Including how you can sell it. One Day Assignments aims to make everyone feel safe with a pre-construction investment by enabling anyone to sell their assignment in just one day, without having to pay additional fees or closing costs. So, what's the problem? Most people have no idea that a service like this exists, so we helped them make their presence known online.




UX/UI Design
Web Development
Marketing Automation


Responsive Website
SEO Optimization
Automated Marketing

Enabling everyone to invest without fear

More than just a condo

Pre-construction real estate is one of the best investments someone can make, but it comes with problems of it's own. One Day Assignments removes those problems, and we helped them make their precense known.

An image + experience made for your business

Beautiful and Efficient

It's about far more than just a great website- It's about your business. Our goal with One Day Assignments wasn't to build them a website, it was to help their business grow through putting their solution in front of the people who need it the most, and we're proud to say we did a great job doing that.

reach new heights

We Get Results



More users




Increased sales



Lower costs
* Updated June 2020

We've Got Some Ideas For You.

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