How we increased L'Oreal's revenue by over 60%

Client Overview

A young chemist and entrepreneur at heart, Eugène Schueller founded in 1909 a company that would become the L’Oréal group. It all started with one of the first hair dyes, which he formulates, manufactures, and sells to Parisian hairdressers. The founder thus forges the first link in what still makes our DNA: research and innovation in the beauty industry.

Today L'Oréal Paris has become, by far, the world leader in cosmetics and has an important economic and strategic presence in the Philippines. The brand's main sales channel is the Lazada e-commerce platform (Alibaba group), the largest online sales marketplace.

L'Oreal's Objective

The main objective of L'Oréal Paris has been to improve its overall reputation in the Philippines, but above all, to increase their market share on these derivative brands with a wider audience, and to surpass their competitors with a better local presence.

The Challenge

The main challenges that we were tasked with solving are improving the market share of brands derived from the L'Oreal group while exploring alternative distribution channels to Lazada.


Facebook Ads

Google Ads

Influencer Marketing


THE Solution

Diversifying Digital Channels

Diversifying revenue channels through a proprietary online store

To increase its market share in the Philippines for the L'Oréal brands, we put several strategies in place. One is to detach (or at least supplement) income from Lazada with an independent e-commerce site - because once again, the brand's only online presence was via the local marketplace.

Work With Us

Driving ready-to-buy traffic

Once the store was created, we worked on a multi-faceted digital marketing campaign, branding, and finally, a great offer to get people to buy L'Oreal products. For this, we proposed a series of promotional operations allowing consumers to obtain a cosmetic product by presenting a QR code, so it was easier for us to track whether the sales come from our advertising campaigns, or from a store visit (offline traffic).

Work With Us


See The Difference

Online Sales






Before Veza

After Veza

Our process is easy as 1, 2, 3.

Funnel Optimization

Before we start spending money to drive traffic - we have to make sure it's being sent to the right place, and your digital assets are ready to convert. We're very serious about the whole funnel, so we'll ensure everything is tip-top before starting to drive traffic.

Traffic Generation

Now that your funnel is perfectly optimized, it's visibility time. We look at your target market to create our ideal audiences to start the campaign, and use these first visitors to generate quantifiable insights.

Continuous Improvement

At Veza Digital, our culture is about continuous growth - and we apply that mentality to your marketing campaigns. We constantly analyze the data and make tweaks across the board in order to boost your ROAS.

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