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Koch Air


Home comfort services for less

Koch Air is a Canadian provider of HVAC services that has an edge because of their premium service for a low cost. However, even with a superior offer, keeping up with the likes of giant competitors in the area can prove to be a difficult challenge for most businesses. Through an intuitive website & carefully targeted PPC ads, we were able to increase Koch Air's leads by over 100% while lowering their marketing costs by 74%.

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Computer companies spend a lot of time working on perfecting their messaging, D2C strategy, and lots of other sales channels - However, the most powerful branding & sales technique is sales reps who know & love your brand. While ChannelAssist is amazing at what they do, getting new leads was a challenge with such an outdated website. We came along and solved their problem in less than 2 months while working alongside their marketing director to create a perfect inbound sales funnel.


Beautiful and Efficient

Along with a great website, we brought Koch Air's business to new heights by implementing a solid, high conversion Google Ads campaign that allowed them to reach far more customers, spend less money, and compete with massive brands.

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