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Generating new business during hard times

Koch Management Group is a construction and facility management company that works with some of the largest commercial and residential property companies in Canada. During the COVID-19 pandemic, business was slow, so they looked to Veza Digital for an innovative way to get new leads.

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Veza Digital helped Koch Management Group set-up a sales program with a goal to get warm leads using LinkedIn Sales Navigator and several other marketing tools that helps them build a list of accounts to target in their sales and marketing efforts.

This program is designed to automate outbound LinkedIn sales/marketing prospecting. By creating an automated system using tools to augment the outreach, the main goal is to have a foundational system that can help sales get more initial consultation calls and more leads in the pipeline.

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Greg Kerr

"Our objective was to narrow down an audience of qualified leads as they may relate to future business growth for KOCH Management Group.  This audience was identified and Veza Digital was able to connect us with over 60 qualified Linked In contacts within the first 7 days. Furthermore, our LinkedIn Profiles are now yielding additional attention with respect to post activity and company awareness publications.

We have now entered into a second campaign with Veza Digital and hope to achieve a goal of 200 ‘new’ contacts through LinkedIn by the end of our term.  We believe the effectiveness of the LinkedIn Campaign is well-worth the competitive price-point from Veza Digital.

In closing, we feel that Veza Digitals’ support has created new business for KMG.  Two of our recently acquired contacts have requested proposals for services and we are working diligently to develop these relationships into closed deals."

VP of Business Development, Koch Management Group

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